Elizabeth Banks back to Modern Family

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According to EW Elizabeth Banks will reprise her season one character as Mitch & Cam’s

Elizabeth Banks at the 2008 Toronto Internatio...

Elizabeth Banks at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

best girlfriend on Modern Family this season!

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‘Modern Family’ Star Talks Portraying A Gay Dad On TV

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Eric Stonestreet has been busy giving interviews. In the one in Fancast Stonestreet shared how he felt about portraying the very special character, how he’d like to rid the world of reality programming, and what he might say to the more conservative audiences who are concerned about seeing gay fathers on TV.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Do you feel you’re opening people’s minds about gay parenting?
It’s a really cool thing about doing what we do. By Jesse and I playing gay characters on TV – I’m not really looking to change people’s worlds and belief systems, all we want to do is make a comedy that’s funny and true and honest. But if, while doing that we can open people’s minds to the idea that just because two guys are raising a baby, it’s not the end of the world, that’s an awesome opportunity, to help people change their minds.

What do you say to the conservative folks who may have concerns about seeing this on their TV?
I always say to conservative people who are worried about two gay guys raising a baby on TV is they should continue watching people get raped and murdered on other shows. Like on CSI the other day they had a scene where someone took a person’s eyeballs out. I mean, how many ways can a person get murdered?

You have such amazing guest stars coming up.
This week we have Edward Norton (tonight). We have Minnie Driver. When these people are excited to do the show, that’s really cool. I didn’t work with [Ed]  specifically, my story has to do with Elizabeth Banks.

What was it like working with her?
She’s hilarious. Her energy level is amazing. It’s easy to see why she’s the star she is. I love everything about her. She plays mine and Mitchell’s good friend.

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Modern Family Episode 8 Spoilers

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Modern Family Episode 8 Spoilers:
This week, Manny reveals an inappropriate crush on his cousin, which leads Jay to use dog-obedience techniques on him. Meanwhile, Ed Norton plays Claire’s anniversary present to Phil, and Elizabeth Banks appears as Mitchell and Cameron’s first baby.

And here is some spoilers for the Benjamin Bratt episode coming soon:
Ty Burrell talks about Benjamin Bratt’s gig as Manny’s long-lost father, Javier: “Javier is playing irresponsible, and they all have their tête-à-tête about it, but you don’t leave thinking anybody is a bad guy. We start to actually like Javier a little bit, and I think he’ll probably be recurring.” As for Phil, he’ll be under the weather during the episode, passing a painful kidney stone.

[source: E!]

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First Look: Elizabeth Banks Drops By MODERN FAMILY

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We know that Elizabeth Banks is coming to Modern Family on November 18, now TVaddicts brings some pictures. In the episode “Great Expectations” she will be dropping by old-friends Mitchell and Cameron’s house to take them out for a long overdue night on the town. “We haven’t seen Sal [Banks] in a while because we’ve been so busy with the baby,” explained Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) in a recent interview with theTVaddict.com, “We decide to go out for a night of drinking together and she just kind of crumbles into this heaping mess of drunken nausea.”
Modern Family Elizabeth Banks 1
Modern Family Elizabeth Banks 2
Modern Family Elizabeth Banks 3
Modern Family Elizabeth Banks 4

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MODERN FAMILY’s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson talk Shelley Long and Elizabeth Banks

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New video coming to us from TVGuide – Enjoy!

Elizabeth Banks and Chazz Palminteri to Guest-Star on Modern Family

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TV guide reports that Elizabeth Banks and Chazz Palminteri will both guest-star on Modern Family later this season. Banks (W, Scrubs) will play a friend who Cam and Mitchell partied with before they adopted a baby girl. Having lost her friends, Banks’ character begins to hate the couple’s little bundle of joy. The duo’s casting follows the announcement of guest spots from Shelley Long, Benjamin Bratt and Edward Norton.

elizabeth banks on Modern Family

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Edward Norton To Guest Star On ‘Modern Family’

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Edward Norton is set to join the cast of offbeat TV comedy Modern Family. The Incredible Hulk star will guest alongside Elizabeth Banks in an upcoming episode of the hit new show, and series regular Eric Stonestreet insists Norton is a natural comedian.

Edward Norton Modern Family

[source: Sidereel]

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