Sofia Vergara Draws Inspiration From Mother for ‘Modern Family’ Role

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According to Sofia Vergara, she uses her mother as inspiration for her role as Gloria on ‘Modern Family.’Channeling her mom helps ensure the role is authentic in terms of how a Colombian woman would react to such situations, Vergara said on ‘Good Morning America’(weekdays, 7AM ET on ABC).

Source: TV Squad

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Coming Up! Rico Rodriguez on Ellen!

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Tune in!!   RICO RODRIGUEZ (“Modern Family”) on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, January 5th  2010. Check your local listings or visit for time and channel.

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‘Modern Family’ scoop: Matt Dillon to play Claire’s ex

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Matt Dillon at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.
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EW has the scoop on Claire’s ex:

Modern Family is about to demonstrate that Claire Dunphy has always had excellent taste in men. EW has learned exclusively that Matt Dillon (Crash) will play the ex-boyfriend of Julie Bowen’s character in an upcoming episode of the ABC comedy.

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Eric Stonestreet Spits on George Lopez

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The “Modern Family” star talks about his run-in with Steven Spielberg and explains why he’s giving his Emmy as a Christmas gift to his parents. Plus, while telling an emotional story, Eric accidentally spits on George, bringing the interview to a halt.

Source: Lopez Tonight

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Boardwalk Empire And Modern Family Lead Golden Globe Nominees

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The Golden Globe Award nominees were announced this morning– you can find the full list here– and as far as the TV Awards go, they managed to spread the love across a lot of different well-loved comedies and dramas.

The comedy category expanded to six for some reason, managing to include the under-the-radar Showtime hit The Big C alongside five more expected nominees– 30 RockThe Big Bang TheoryGleeModern Family and Nurse Jackie.

Source: Cinema Blend

30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
The Big C
Modern Family
Nurse Jackie

Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-O
Chris Colfer, Glee
Chris Noth, The Good Wife
Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
David Straithairn, Temple Grandin

Hope Davis, The Special Relationship
Jane Lynch, Glee
Kelly McDonald, Boardwalk Empire
Julia Stiles, Dexter
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

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Coming Up!! Eric Stonestreet on Lopez Tonight!!!

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Eric Stonestreet at the Screen Actors Guild Aw...
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Tune in!! Actor ERIC STONESTREET (“Modern Family”) on “Lopez Tonight” Monday, December 13th 2010. Check your local listings or visit for time and channel.

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‘Modern Family’ star Eric Stonestreet talks comedy, cooking and Cameron’s cuffs

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

USA weekend has an interview with ‘Modern Family’ star Eric Stonestreet. Here are some highlights:

How much has the success of Modern Family and your Emmy win changed your life?
I don’t have the time to do things that I used to be able to do. I know what I’m doing for the most part every day. I don’t have the free time, which is very welcome. I love having a job obviously. But other than that, my life’s pretty much the same. After the Emmy, people asked me if I felt any different, and I said, “You know, I was still gassy the next day.” Nothing really physically changed for me. [Laughs]

It’s always fun to see what Cameron’s wearing from week to week. What is the best thing you’ve worn on the show?
I saw Cameron as the stay-at-home mom or dad, however you want to look at that. And from that I extrapolated that there are moms out there who wake up every morning and stay in their sweatpants and know they’re not going anywhere and they don’t put their makeup and they’re just going to be home with the kids and SpaghettiOs. That’s their life, what they’re doing. And there are the moms who wake up and while the husband or older child is still home, they use that opportunity to shower, curl their hair, put their makeup on and get ready for the day. That’s what Cameron is. Cameron’s the guy who wakes up in the morning, gets himself ready while Mitchell’s still there, he puts on a pressed, nice shirt, he puts on his jeans, he puts on his shoes, he does his hair, and he gets ready. It was important for me that Cameron have a style unto himself, and I really like the idea of the shirts that we wear that have contrasting cuffs with the colors. That’s sort of the Cameron outfit. The wardrobe helps me so much because the shoes I wear are not shoes I would wear, the shirts I wear are not shirts I would wear, and the cuff, if you watch me, the cuffs influence me and affect me. I’m always moving my hand around the cuff. It’s an important part of my character. There’s a custom shirt maker in L.A. that makes my shirts, Anto of Beverly Hills, and they have made shirts for every famous person you can think of. They made shirts for Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Dean Martin – you name them, they’ve made their shirts since the ’30s and ’40s. It is such a treat every day to come into my trailer and see what the shirt looks like. I don’t get to pick the fabrics or anything like that. I just help pick the style and then they just go crazy with what I wear. I love them all. The hair people are the same way. You have the really awesome opportunity and piece of this puzzle, the character. The writers write my words I get to say, I get to say them, you get to dress the character. I just look at it as an all-hands-on-deck approach to Cameron.

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Ed O’Neill: Jane Lynch Should Not Have Won Emmy

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Sue Sylvester
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Ed O’Neill decided to pick a fight with Sue Sylvester. The ‘Modern Family’ star told TV Guide that while he enjoyed Jane Lynch’s portrayal of the surly gym teacher on ‘Glee,’ he didn’t think it deserved the Emmy it earned her.

As for who he thought was deserving of the win? None other than on-screen wife, Sofia Vergara.

Source: Huffington Post

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