‘Modern Family’ actor: Glad Romney’s watching

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The fact that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney watches “Modern Family” came as a surprise to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays a gay dad on the ABC sitcom.

“Well I hope Mitt Romney is wondering why he likes the show so much,” the red-haired actor told New York Magazine earlier this week.

Source: Politico

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Modern Family Calendar

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The best way to start the new year is with your favorite Modern Family characters, so go ahead and order the cool Modern Family 2012 wall calendar or the 2012 Day to Day calendar, both with the best quotes from the show. Don’t miss a month or a day without Phil, Gloria or Jay.


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Sofia Vergara Dances in Clip from Next Week’s ‘Modern Family’

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“After the Fire” surrounds the family’s attempt to organize a community drive after a neighbor’s house burns down. Of course, they are all far more absorbed by their own problems. As we can see below, Phil busts in, lamenting the loss of two of his realty firm’s best brokers (and the beloved “tube dude”). Mitchell and Cam follow, bickering about the latter’s “wardrobe crisis”—just in time to interrupt Gloria’s not-quite-right impression of the inflatable dancing tube dude in question. Finally, Jay joins the scene, writhing in pain when his back goes out.

An excitable Phil, an uptight Mitchell, a flashy Cam, a confused Gloria and a grumpy Jay…yep, this is your classic Modern Family scene, and we’re all on board with that.

Modern Family‘s episode “After the Fire” airs next Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


Source: ABC and Hollywood.com

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Eric Stonestreet of ‘Modern Family’ dishes on his ‘American Horror Story’ guest role

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On tonight’s episode of Ryan Murphy’s FX drama American Horror Story, Stonestreet guest-stars as Derek, a tortured patient of Ben (Dylan McDermott) who is deathly afraid of urban legends. (Stonestreet has dabbled in darker characters prior to his Modern gig, appearing as a killer on The Mentalist and Pushing Daisies as well as an accused rapist/murderer on Nip/Tuck, another Murphy show.) The 40-year-old Emmy winner counted the ways that audiences will find Derek wholly different from Cam.

• Appearance. “My hair on Modern Family is a big part of my character. Cam’s hair is a fortress. It’s a 20-minute process every day with lots of hairspray and goo and blowdrying and brushes. And on this show, the character was described as unkempt. Dark circles under his eyes. Part of the story point is that he doesn’t have the confidence and courage to look in mirrors at all, because of a specific ghost story of what happens if you look in a mirror…. Cam most definitely has a tailor and Derek needs a tailor. If Cam finds a great shirt that he likes, he takes it to the tailor and he’ll add the extra colored cuffs. Derek definitely shops at Sears. He’s kind of an everyguy.”

Read the rest of the story on EW

Eric Stonestreet at the Screen Actors Guild Aw...

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Julie Bowen on Shoes

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ShoesTV the premiere shoe website that keeps customers updated on the latest shoe fashions and news has a video from an interview they did with Modern Family star Julie Bowen.

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