Will Modern Family Meet Mickey?

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Following their trips to Hawaii and a dude ranch,Modern Family‘s next family outing will take the whole Pritchett/Dunphy/Delgado/Tucker gang to the happiest place on Earth - Disneyland.

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Come Fly with Me (Modern Family)

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Preview: ‘Modern Family’ Season Finale Has Big Surprises

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“Modern Family” season 2 will end this week with big surprises. Phil and Claire, for example, are surprised by their kids who show up on their bedroom with a special treat, but it comes in bad timing. Jay wants nothing more than to have a quiet birthday out fishing on the lake, but the family takes that as him wanting a big celebration.

Source: Ace Showbiz

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Eric Stonestreet on Ellen – Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Eric Stonestreet at the Screen Actors Guild Aw...
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The last time he was there, the hilarious ERIC STONESTREET was thrilled just to be starring on a “Modern Family” — now he’s an Emmy winner! He’s visiting Ellen to tell her all about the incredible night, as well as his recent trip to Australia.

Check out the clip at Ellen

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TV ratings: Modern Family hits high — In the UK

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Sky1′s critically lauded US sitcom import Modern Family had its best ratings yet yesterday, Thursday 27 May, attracting almost 500,000 viewers.

Modern Family had 460,000 viewers, a 2.2% audience share, from 8pm. This more than doubled Sky1′s average share in the slot over the past three months, the best performing multichannel show yesterday by this comparison.

Source: Guardian

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Fred Willard talks upcoming ‘Modern Family’

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EW talked to Fred Willard about his upcoming role in Modern Family. Here are some of the highlights:

You’re reprising your role of Phil’s father, Frank, on Modern Family. Frank shows up in an RV with a little four-legged friend?

Yes, yes, it’s his dog that his wife is allergic to, so he’s driven across country to give it to his son. So there’s some touching moments in that as well.

You worked with the creators of Modern Family and Ty Burrell on Fox’s Back to You. That’s what made them think of you? It’s such great casting.

I never think I’m old enough to play someone’s dad, even though I have a daughter of my own and a grandson. But yeah, Steve Levitan and Chris Lloyd did Back to You and thought of me. And I guess Ty Burrell kept saying, “Gee, we should get Fred Willard on.”

The first time we saw Frank, it was just on a web camera. What will we learn about him now that’s actually visiting in-person?

He’s just kind of a silly character who loves corny jokes, but also has a serious side, a sentimental side.

Do you have scenes with Ed O’Neill this time?

I do. I did Married… With Children years ago with him, and he’s just the most marvelous guy you’d ever want to be with, just a regular blue-collar guy…. There’s a musical scene that’s done in a real club that’s just really wonderful, where Cam bulls his way into playing the drums [for Dylan's band]. We’re part of the group watching and amazed at the, we’ll call it the drum solo. [Laughs] It’s a hysterical scene.

Any plans to return for future episodes?

The problem is, my character lives in Florida. When I left, I said, “I see the whole family going to Disney World in Florida.” “Hey! That’s a great idea!” As with most great ideas, I haven’t heard much more about that. But they did request a photo of me to put in the hallway [of Phil and Claire's home]. So I haven’t been eliminated from the inner circle. They said, “You’re one of the family now, so we need a photograph.” I don’t know if you get paid for that, but there’s my picture.

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‘Modern Family’ ABC Finale Date

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Modern Family
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It has just been announced that “Modern Family” season finale will be on May 19.

What would we do all summer?

Source: Zap2It

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AfterElton.com’s Top 50 Gay Characters of All Time!

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Guess who made it to AfterElton.com’s Top 50 gay characters of all time
Nominations were given by fans, and then a very impressive number of people voted on who they thought were the cream of the crop. The fans have spoken and now Cameron Tucker (#27) and Mitchell Pritchett (#32) are officially members of the Top 50 Gay TV, film, or internet characters of all time!

Cam Tucker

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Phil Gets a Facebook Reality Check on ‘Modern Family’ (VIDEO)

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If you’re ever tempted to re-connect with an old lover on Facebook, just take a hint from Phil’s ex-girlfriend on ‘Modern Family’. She thinks his updates like “How was your day?” and “My neck is so sore” are an invitation to get back together.
Did this ever happen to you?

Source AOL TV

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Modern Family’s Vergara is TV show’s Jessica Rabbit

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Modern Family star Ed O’Neill has revealed he nicknamed co-star Sofia Vergara ‘Jessica Rabbit’. Ed said: “She’s marvellous, she’s very funny and she’s bright, she’s amazing, I’m totally amazed by her… I call her Jessica Rabbit – she reminds me of that cartoon character, physically, she’s so stunning.”
He added: “When they told me I was going to play her husband I said, ‘It makes perfect sense’.”
Vergara modern family

Source: The Press Association.

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A new “Modern Family”?

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Building on the success of Modern Family and The Middle, ABC continues spending big bucks on more comedies — thus its decision to order 12 half-hour pilots this year. Here is the list of comedy pilots coming from EW:

Awkward Situations for Men (Jeff Filgo & Jackie Filgo). Inspired by the Danny Wallace book of the same name, the series focuses on a British on-air personality who moves to America and clashes with local customs. Cast includes Wallace and Laura Prepon (That ’70s Show).

Freshmen (Greg Malins, Arianna Huffington). A multi-camera sitcom about three first-year members of Congress that stars Sarah Chalke (Scrubs).

Funny in Farsi (Nastaran Dibai, Jeffrey B. Hodes). Based on the novel of the same name by Firoozeh Dumas, which is a memoir of the author’s childhood.

Untitled David Caspe Project. A single-camera comedy about a couple who breaks up at the altar while their friends try to keep things copacetic. Cast includes Damon Wayans, Jr. (My Wife and Kids ).

How to Be A Better American (Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley). A single-camera comedy about a father who attempts to improve his life and the lives of his (not-so-amenable) family.

It Takes a Village (Casey Johnson & David Windsor). A single-camera comedy about two exes and their partners who come together to raise a 15-year-old boy.

Mr. Sunshine (Matthew Perry, Alex Barnow, Mark Firek). Perry (Friends) stars as a self-absorbed manager of a sports arena. Cast also includes Allison Janney (The West Wing) and Andrea Anders (Better Off Ted).

Untitled Couples Project (Shana Goldberg-Meehan). A multi-camera sitcom about two sisters in different stages of their romantic relationships. Cast includes Joanna Garcia (Privileged).

Untitled Dana Gould Project. A multi-camera comedy about a high school guidance counselor. Cast includes Gould and Brian Dennehy (Cocoon).

Who Gets the Parents (Joe Port & Joe Wiseman). A multi-camera comedy about three adult siblings who are grappling with their parents’ late-in-life divorce.

Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid (Howard Morris and Jenny Lee). A multi-camera comedy based on the book of the same name.

Wright Vs. Wrong (Stephanie Weir). A single-camera comedy about a conservative pundit who’s very different in private.

Do you see any new Modern Family here?

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