Eric Stonestreet Is STILL Tweeting Pics Of Sofia Vergara’s Butt

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Not only is he still snapping pics of Sofia’s derriere, but he’s moved on to Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s crotchshots too.

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Eric Stonestreet joins ‘Sofia the First’ as a magical horse

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Eric Stonestreet will play a talking, flying cartoon racehorse of “Sofia the First” according to E Online. Minimus, the character that Eric will be playing, is a purple flying racehorse who doesn’t feel confident in being Sofia’s racing partner

Source: Examiner


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Ellen DeGeneres Dresses as Sofia Vergara for Halloween

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Ellen DeGeneres Dresses as Sofia Vergara for Halloween

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Sofia Vergara shows off engagement ring as she arrives to shoot

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The 40-year-old was seen arriving a Los Angeles location for a photoshoot with her fellow castmates. 

Just last month, Sofia’s boyfriend Nick Loeb popped the question after two years together.

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Sofia Vergara Brings Latin Flavor To ‘Family Guy’ And ‘The Cleveland Show’

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Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin (Photo credit: Wikipedia) is reporting that the “Modern Family” star has been tapped to guest star as Peter Griffin’s fantasy love interest on an upcoming episode of the hit comedy, “Family Guy.” In the same episode, the talented comedienne will also play a woman selling roses in a restaurant where Quagmire is “wooing” Peter so that Peter will do him a big favor.

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has also tapped the Colombian star to guest star on his other FOX comedy, “The Cleveland Show,” where she’ll be playing a woman who tries to convince Cleveland to host a quinceañera for his son’s 15th birthday.

Source: Huffington Post

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‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen Shows Off Jeremy Lin-Themed Present

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It looks like Julie Bowen is “Lin-sane” for Jeremy Lin. The “Modern Family” star got avery special birthday present from her co-star this week and tweeted a photo to show off her new goods.

“Ty Burrell gave me an actual, signed, and USED @JLin7 jersey!!!!” Bowen tweeted over the weekend, showing off the gift from her on-screen husband.


Modern Family Nicks
Source: Huffington Post

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Modern Family TV Video: Sofia Vergara

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She’s hot, she’s famous, she’s sweating on the dance floor and she’s thirsty, …she’s SOFIA VERGARA in her new Diet Pepsi commercial “Sofia’s Dance!”

In her latest Diet Pepsi national TV commercial entitled “Sofia’s Dance,” which debuts on the Golden Globes broadcast on Sunday, January 15, 2012, the sultry Colombian actress, model, and star of the hit sitcom, “Modern Family” weaves her way through a jam-packed dance floor in hot pursuit of her beloved refreshment.


As a booming Latin beat throbs throughout the club, Sofia’s passion reaches a fever pitch as she encounters a funky hip-hop dude; a disco dancer whom she comically mimics with hip shaking gyrations; and a suave older gentlemen in a torrid tango – all obstacles in her way to securing the ice cold Diet Pepsi from the tray of a young, wide-eyed waiter.


Sofia’s Diet Pepsi spot was shot at Liv Nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. At the conclusion of the two day filming, Sofia celebrated akin to the character in her commercial by joyfully dancing with the crew and cast.


The new ad was directed by the acclaimed award winning McG – who also directed the the popular “Beach Tweet” Diet Pepsi commercial starring Sofia Vergara and soccer icon David Beckham.


Sofia Vergara’s stellar career began with Pepsi when she appeared in a Latin American Pepsi commercial at the age of 17.


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Sofia Vergara Dances in Clip from Next Week’s ‘Modern Family’

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“After the Fire” surrounds the family’s attempt to organize a community drive after a neighbor’s house burns down. Of course, they are all far more absorbed by their own problems. As we can see below, Phil busts in, lamenting the loss of two of his realty firm’s best brokers (and the beloved “tube dude”). Mitchell and Cam follow, bickering about the latter’s “wardrobe crisis”—just in time to interrupt Gloria’s not-quite-right impression of the inflatable dancing tube dude in question. Finally, Jay joins the scene, writhing in pain when his back goes out.

An excitable Phil, an uptight Mitchell, a flashy Cam, a confused Gloria and a grumpy Jay…yep, this is your classic Modern Family scene, and we’re all on board with that.

Modern Family‘s episode “After the Fire” airs next Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


Source: ABC and

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‘Modern Family’: New Lily Loves Sofia Vergara’s Chest, Jesse Tyler Ferguson Tells Ellen (VIDEO)

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, in his Friday appearance on “The Ellen Show,” dished all about Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, his new on-screen daughter, saying that she was a bit existentially overwhelmed on her first day on set — and quite intrigued by one of her co-stars.

“First of all, she’s obsessed with Sofia’s… area,” Ferguson laughed, pointing at his own chest. “And she was basically just manhandling her, just poking. She was just like, poking, prodding… All the stagehands were like, ‘You’re so lucky.’”

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‘Modern Family’ star Sofia Vergara launches clothing line

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At times, it’s hard to tell the difference between Sofia Vergara and Gloria, the character she plays on ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family.”

Both have gregarious personalities, an uproarious sense of humor, an enormous shot of sex appeal and daring fashion sense.

Now other women can be more like Vergara — or Gloria — thanks to the Colombian star’s new clothing line at Kmart. The line features the kind of outfits that have made Vergara so popular on the red carpet and beyond — figure-hugging dresses, tight pants, bright colors and short skirts.

“We have a lot of very comfortable and wearable things that can be worn by a woman of every size,” Vergara explained of her Sofia clothing.

Read an interview about Vergara and her new clothing line on the Washington Post.

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