‘Modern Family’ actor: Glad Romney’s watching

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The fact that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney watches “Modern Family” came as a surprise to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays a gay dad on the ABC sitcom.

“Well I hope Mitt Romney is wondering why he likes the show so much,” the red-haired actor told New York Magazine earlier this week.

Source: Politico

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“Modern Family” Star Sarah Hyland On The Ellen Show

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“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, The Ellen Show, recently.

Source: Disnology

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Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Joy Behar

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Ferguson tells Joy how surprised he was to hear about a study finding that “Modern Family” is one of the most popular television programs among Republicans.

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Republicans Love ‘Modern Family,’ Democrats Favor ‘Dexter,’ New Study Shows

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‘Modern Family,’ a seemingly liberal show about a blended family – with a gay couple and adopted kids — is among the favorites of Republicans. Say what?

According to a new study by Experian Simmons, Republicans favor many of TV’s biggest hits such as ‘Modern Family,’ ‘American Idol’ and ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ On the Democrat side, TV favorites include ‘Dexter,’ ‘Mad Men’ and ‘The Good Wife.’

Read the full story on TV.com

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