Modern Family Episode 8 Spoilers

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Modern Family Episode 8 Spoilers:
This week, Manny reveals an inappropriate crush on his cousin, which leads Jay to use dog-obedience techniques on him. Meanwhile, Ed Norton plays Claire’s anniversary present to Phil, and Elizabeth Banks appears as Mitchell and Cameron’s first baby.

And here is some spoilers for the Benjamin Bratt episode coming soon:
Ty Burrell talks about Benjamin Bratt’s gig as Manny’s long-lost father, Javier: “Javier is playing irresponsible, and they all have their tête-à-tête about it, but you don’t leave thinking anybody is a bad guy. We start to actually like Javier a little bit, and I think he’ll probably be recurring.” As for Phil, he’ll be under the weather during the episode, passing a painful kidney stone.

[source: E!]

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