Modern Family Series High

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Modern Family was adjusted up 0.1 ratings points to a series high 4.2 adults 18-49 rating:
- 10.008 million viewers
- 6.0/10 HH
- 4.2/12 A18-49

Source: TV by the Numbers

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Order The Modern Family DVD

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Great news: You can now order the Modern Family DVD on Amazon. Relive the best moments of season one!

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Neil Patrick Harris and Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Andy Cohen

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Know what happens we we get Neil Patrick Harris and Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson in the same room? We actually tune in to Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens!

Read more: Queerty

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Rico Rodriguez Flirts With Joan Rivers on ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

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‘Modern Family’ star Rico Rodriguez stopped by ‘The View’ (weekdays, syndicated) and proved to the ladies that he’s got game.

Source: AOL TV

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On The “Modern Family” Set With Eric Stonestreet

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Back Stage visited Stonestreet on set, where he was filming an episode, and spoke with him about landing the job of a lifetime. Here are some of the highlights of their visit:

Stonestreet reveals that he originally read the pilot for “Modern Family” when a friend asked for help running lines.

“He had an audition for Cameron, and as I read with him, I was really bummed I wasn’t getting to go in for it,” Stonestreet recalls. “It just hadn’t come my direction as far as the physical type yet.” Although he hadn’t seen a description of the character’s appearance, he knew that Ferguson was already cast as Mitchell and the network was looking for someone who matched him. “You just never know,” Stonestreet says. “I’ve been a character actor and a big guy my whole career, and my goal has always been to change people’s mind and do justice to the part so that they look past what I look like and see just an actor, rather than a ‘big’ or a ‘heavyset’ actor.”

Stonestreet’s representation persisted, and the show still couldn’t find a Cameron. The search began to widen, and eventually Stonestreet was allowed to audition. “I don’t remember the exact breakdown, but it was something like ‘Passionate, the more dramatic of the two, flamboyant but grounded,’” the actor says. “It was a tricky character to audition for, because you read the script and there’s that ‘Lion King’ moment. So you have to build a character who’s not too flamboyant — yet, on Page 27, he’s capable of this.”

Though Stonestreet is straight, he had no qualms about accepting the role, and he takes it as a compliment that many viewers find him so convincing that they assume he’s gay in real life. “I love it!” he says. “I love the fans that I have. They’re so cool. I’m a guy who’s been working as an actor for a long time, and my main goal was always to get a job. Not to get a job on a great show, not to get a job on a great show with a great character, but just to get a job. So for me to be on this show with this cast and this audience support is more than I could have ever imagined. I will take my fans in any shape, size, gender, sexual orientation they come in. I’m just happy to have fans!”

As for his family’s reaction, Stonestreet points to the year before he landed “Modern Family,” when he played murderers on “The Mentalist,” “Pushing Daisies,” and “NCIS,” as well as an inmate on death row for raping and murdering a girl on a recent episode of “Nip/Tuck.” “People will ask me, ‘Are your parents okay with you playing a gay character on TV?’ And I’m like, ‘My mom was more upset that I killed three people on TV last year!’”

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Gail Simmons: Top Chef Masters Meets Modern Family

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Filed under: Modern Family News caught up with tTop Chef Masters’ newest judge, Top Chef‘s Gail Simmons, to find out if she’ll be harsher on the renowned cheftestants and to get the scoop on an upcoming challenge involving the Modern Family cast. Was a celeb challenge exceptionally fun for you?
Simmons: The one that stuck out for me for sure was working with the cast and crew of Modern Family. They’re just the most lovable group. We had this extraordinary day with them … But sadly, we shot this in the fall when the show just came out and I hadn’t seen it yet. So when I came home from shooting, I was totally hooked on the show.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Hot On The Internet

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One of the hottest celebrities to search on the Internet today is Jesse Tyler Ferguson. After joining the Modern Family, he continues to attractive huge viewership ratings. Previously, he starred as Gabe Farkus in a two-episode arch on Ugly Betty and as Larry on Do Not Disturb.

Source: Two Minutes News

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Modern Family is the best sitcom on TV

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True Slant has a review of Modern Family, here are the highlights:

When the commercials first urged me to watch ABC’s rookie sitcom Modern Family, my approximate reaction was “I’d rather die.” It just looked so, well, lame. Another stupid family sitcom about stupid family situations, now “freshly” updated to include the terribly cutting edge notion of gay people and minorities. If it was 1992, perhaps I’d be intrigued. But it’s not, so…yeah. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the snark forum…I watched an episode. I must’ve been sick, or drunk, or sick and drunk, but somehow Modern Family wound up on my TV screen. And it was pretty good. I kept watching, and it progressed. Now, eighteen episodes later, Modern Family is the best thirty minutes on television.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Manny Delgado. He’s Frasier meets Don Juan, except twelve and Colombian. I never thought a recipe as old “precocious pre-teen” could yield good results – but trust me, Manny is aces.

Read the rest of the review on True Slant.

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Modern Family Dunphy Pedia: Phil Of All Trades

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Happy birthday Phil – hope you are enjoying your iPad.

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Modern Family Cover Shoot! TV Guide Magazine!

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Join cast of Modern Family on the cover shoot with TV Guide Magazine. Ed ONeil, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet.

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