Modern Family Dunphy Pedia: Phil Of All Trades

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Happy birthday Phil – hope you are enjoying your iPad.

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iPad the star of Modern Family – Spoiler

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Warning: spoiler alert, the clip and the post contain information about tonight’s episode.

Modern Family, was all about the iPad tonight, just days before the big release. The main character, Phil Dunphy, is thrilled at the prospect of receiving an iPad for his birthday, which coincides with the device’s release. After singing the happy birthday song, Phil blew out the “candles” atop an animated cake on the iPad’s screen.

Source: TUAW

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Modern Family Episode 10 Pictures

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Happy birthday Luke!
Modern Family episode 10 1

Modern Family Episode 10 2

Modern Family Episode 10 2

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‘Modern Family’ star Eric Stonestreet takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test

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Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family tool EW’s “Pop Culture Personality Test”. Here are some of his answers:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Clowns: Scary or Misunderstood?
Misunderstood. But you’re talking to someone who’s always been fascinated with clowns, so I might be biased. Growing up [in Kansas], I wanted to be a clown and run away with the circus. I created a clown character that I would do for kids’ birthday parties and stuff like that. That’s how the inspiration for “Fizbo” started. Fizbo is my real clown name from when I was kid. I have business cards printed up with it on. [The show's writers] just liked hearing the stories, so they thought it would be funny if Cameron brought back his clown character.

The most embarrassing song on your iPod?
I consider myself the least music snob in the world, and actually, I like to make fun of music snobs. I’m not ashamed to rock out to an ‘N Sync song, Backstreet Boys, Wreckx-N-Effect. If it’s on my iPod, it’s there for a reason. Sometimes it’s an impulse purchase for me off iTunes, but I’m a big music guy. I’m proud of all my [checks his iPod] 5,400 songs.

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