Sofia Vergara on ‘Sesame Street’

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“Modern Family” star Vergara dropped in on “Sesame Street” on Tuesday morning to teach Elmo a little Spanish — and perhaps to fill him with unfamiliar but not entirely unpleasant sensations.

Source: The Wrap

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Modern Family’s Julie Bowen Celebrates Twins’ 1st Birthday

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Actress Julie Bowen had her hands full of children last Friday at The Coop in Studio City, Calif, where she threw a birthday bash for 1-year-old twins Johnny and Gus.

The party was organized to raise money and supplies for Baby2Baby, a charity founded in 2006 by Marnie Owens, Lee Michel and Karis Jagger (Mick Jagger’s daughter) that donates gently used baby items to families in need.

Bowen, 39, has been involved with Baby2Baby since the birth of her oldest son, Oliver, 3.

“Honestly, [the twins] have more than enough stuff and there are so many families in Los Angeles that don’t even have the bare necessities,” the Modern Family star tells “So if I can take two over-privileged kids’ birthdays and use it as an opportunity to get other kids the stuff they need, I’m overjoyed to do that.”

Source: US magazine

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Modern Family Episode 10 Pictures

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Happy birthday Luke!
Modern Family episode 10 1

Modern Family Episode 10 2

Modern Family Episode 10 2

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Modern Family Home Videos 4

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Nolan Gould gives us an inside look on the fliming of Luke’s upcoming birthday party.

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