Alohahaha! Modern Family Boss Dishes on Tonight’s Hawaii Episode and Why He’ll Never Do a Spinoff

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You’ve been credited in the press with saving the TV comedy genre. Does that bring on a certain amount of pressure?
A little pressure. I did another show with my partner a year or two ago, and they said that one was going to save the sitcom. In full dramatic fashion, we decided to knock the sitcom down a peg first before we saved it. I think we pulled that one off somehow.

Are you planning a Modern Family spinoff, or any other series?
No. I wanna focus on Modern Family right now. I feel so fortunate to be on a show that is somehow working in this day and age that I don’t dare want to jinx it by taking my eye off of it for a minute.

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Modern Family Dunphy Pedia: Phil Of All Trades

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Happy birthday Phil – hope you are enjoying your iPad.

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More Sneak Peeks – Modern Family 1.16 “Fears”

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More sneak peeks of March 3rd episode of Modern Family “Fears” is coming from TV over Mind:

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Dunphy-pedia – Keeping It Real

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To keep you busy until the new Modern Family episode on March 3rd, here is a new Dunphy-pedia:

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Modern Family Superbowl Quiz

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We at the Modern Family TV Fansite are very excited about the upcoming Superbowl. So to pass the time, here is our first quiz: Modern Family and Football.
Don’t forget to share the quiz with your friends at the end!

If you have additional ideas for questions, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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