Spoilers for MODERN FAMILY

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Any scoop on what’s in store for my favorite [MODERN] FAMILY as the season comes to a [tear] end? — Maya

The TV Addict: If this were any other show, we’d tease the fantastic May 19th season ender by revealing that… [cue ominous music]… nothing will ever be the same for America’s funniest family thanks to an unexpected intruder in Mitchell and Cam’s humble abode and a philandering Phil which culminates in a fight between the Dunphey/Pritchett clan that almost teas them apart. But since this isn’t a very special episode of LAW & ORDER, we’ll simply say the intruder is a bird, Phil is just being Phil, and America’s favorite family ends the season exactly how it started, on a high note.

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Order The Modern Family DVD

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Great news: You can now order the Modern Family DVD on Amazon. Relive the best moments of season one!

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Hot On The Internet

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One of the hottest celebrities to search on the Internet today is Jesse Tyler Ferguson. After joining the Modern Family, he continues to attractive huge viewership ratings. Previously, he starred as Gabe Farkus in a two-episode arch on Ugly Betty and as Larry on Do Not Disturb.

Source: Two Minutes News

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‘Modern Family’s’ Julie Bowen heads to Hawaii, but not for ‘Lost’

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The cast of “MF” will travel to Maui to film an episode in about 10 days.

While there, it would be pretty convenient for Julie Bowen to just pop on over to “Lost” and film a return appearance as Jack’s (Matthew Fox) ex-wife. Perhaps Julie’s “Lost” character could shed a little light on this whole Jack-has-a-teenage-kid storyline? See the video below.

And here is Ty Burrell who is talking about Julie:

Source: Zap2It

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Dunphy-pedia – Keeping It Real

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To keep you busy until the new Modern Family episode on March 3rd, here is a new Dunphy-pedia:

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Big night for the fighting Illini on Modern Family

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What a big night for the fighting Illini on Modern Family episode 5, where all the family sat (well tried to) together and watch the game.

What was your favorite quote of the show?

fighting illini on Modern Family

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