Modern Family is the best sitcom on TV

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True Slant has a review of Modern Family, here are the highlights:

When the commercials first urged me to watch ABC’s rookie sitcom Modern Family, my approximate reaction was “I’d rather die.” It just looked so, well, lame. Another stupid family sitcom about stupid family situations, now “freshly” updated to include the terribly cutting edge notion of gay people and minorities. If it was 1992, perhaps I’d be intrigued. But it’s not, so…yeah. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the snark forum…I watched an episode. I must’ve been sick, or drunk, or sick and drunk, but somehow Modern Family wound up on my TV screen. And it was pretty good. I kept watching, and it progressed. Now, eighteen episodes later, Modern Family is the best thirty minutes on television.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Manny Delgado. He’s Frasier meets Don Juan, except twelve and Colombian. I never thought a recipe as old “precocious pre-teen” could yield good results – but trust me, Manny is aces.

Read the rest of the review on True Slant.

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