3 Life and Love Lessons From ‘Modern Family’

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Your Tango wrote an article about love lessons we can learn from “Modern Family”:

Lesson One: Trust your partner, even in sticky situations. He/she has your best interest at heart—no matter what.

Lesson Two: Be yourself. No matter whom you’re trying to impress.

Lesson Three: Support your loved ones, even when it’s a challenge. 

Read the whole story at : Your Tango
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Ty Burrell on ‘Modern Family’ and Getting Hit in the Head With an Airplane

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AOL TV blog has an interview with Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy the “cool dad” on ABC’s breakout comedy ‘Modern Family’. Here are some parts of the interview:

This is the third show you’ve done with Christopher Lloyd. What do you think is working this time?
I think that there’s something — if I must be so pretentious to use this word — something in the zeitgeist of this style of show. I just don’t think we’ve seen a family comedy sprung this way. Chris and Steve [are] getting to write jokes that don’t have quite as much pressure on the punchline. But I also think … that they built this incredible machine — a structure to the show of the three families. It’s so open-ended and so infinite as far as having possibilities for storylines without exhausting them or having the well run dry. Each storyline ends of being five or six minutes apiece per show, and it’s a perfect construct in the age of the Internet and five-minute videos. For [Chris and Steve], the funny part isn’t the issue. The real stroke of genius, and I just bow down to their ability, is how they built the vehicle of the show. These folks love each other even though they’re constantly messing up or stepping on each other or hurting each other’s feelings. It’s not so snarky that it keeps you at arm’s length.

The mockumentary format is popular these days with shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation.’ What about this style has been hardest for you as an actor?
I would say you have to pace yourself in a way. ['Modern Family'] is a very drawn-out process. The preparation at night has been really learning how to get your sleep, how to get my rest and prepare properly so that you’re basically ready every day. The cool thing about the form, if you have some ideas, you can throw it on the wall and see if it sticks. I don’t want to lose that spirit and I think that’s one of those things that’s made me want to come in prepared every day so I have the energy to want to add things and not just getting into a place where you’re punching a clock. Luckily, I’m playing a guy who is so well intended and such a positive force while he’s wreaking havoc.

Shelley Long was fantastic.
Yeah, she was amazing. We have an episode with Elizabeth Banks and Edward Norton and they’re both hilarious in it.

How was that plane flying into your nose simulated?
[laughs]. Well it was me out there hamming it up with nothing, and then they brought in the plane and flew it into a green-screen head. So, believe it or not, it was a blast. I’d stayed up the night before practicing my falls on my bed like an eight-year-old boy. It’s the pure essence of why this job is so good — a 48-year-old man bouncing on my bed at one in the morning.

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Modern Family Episode 6 “Run for Your Wife” Pictures

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Modern Family Episode 6
Modern Family Episode 6 “Run for Your Wife” – It’s the first day back at school for the kids and, at the Dunphy house, Phil oversteps when he misreads how Claire is coping with an empty nest. Over at Jay’s, he and Gloria are in disagreement over Manny’s interesting choice of outfit for his first day of class, and Mitchell and Cameron freak out after Lily gets her first bump on the head.
Modern Family episode 6 -1

Modern Family episode 6 -1

[Source: Daemons TV]

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MODERN FAMILY’s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson talk Shelley Long and Elizabeth Banks

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New video coming to us from TVGuide – Enjoy!

Does Modern Family stereotypes a gay couple?

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Marconi Calindas from The Examiner asked today whether Modern Family stereotypes a gay couple:

Yet the question is about the inclusion of a gay couple, which one of them is part of the “modern” family, whether the new show is stereotyping gay men in our society. The gay couple played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet actually are not the physically typical gay men portrayed in most TV shows that are drop dead gorgeous, coming out of a perfume or denim jeans print ads. This couple is one of the “common” gay couples in the world: one being overly healthy and one with facial hair. The gay couple adopted an Asian baby and now is struggling to pass parenthood.
One blogger calls the series stereotyping the gay couples with baby adoption, neatness, argyle cashmere shirts, flamboyant dance moves, snootiness, Meryl Streep and Costco virginity among many others. Getback.Com says “Although on the surface Mitchell and Cameron seem like cliches, they also have an understated, genuine quality in their relationship that keeps them from being gay caricatures.”
Is that stereotyping?
Perhaps it’s the creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd’s (“Frasier,” “Just Shoot Me,” and “Back to You”) objective in the first place as they can’t put all the different gay stereotyped characters in the show.
The best thing here is that the show finally has brought back gay characters on mainstream TV after the demise of Will and Grace and Queer As Folk.

What do you think?

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Elizabeth Banks and Chazz Palminteri to Guest-Star on Modern Family

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TV guide reports that Elizabeth Banks and Chazz Palminteri will both guest-star on Modern Family later this season. Banks (W, Scrubs) will play a friend who Cam and Mitchell partied with before they adopted a baby girl. Having lost her friends, Banks’ character begins to hate the couple’s little bundle of joy. The duo’s casting follows the announcement of guest spots from Shelley Long, Benjamin Bratt and Edward Norton.

elizabeth banks on Modern Family

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Modern Family Episode 6 “Run For Your Wife”: Promo Trailer

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Check out the promo trailer for the next episode, “Run For Your Wife”:

Awesome band name logos doodled by Phil Dunphy

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ABC just published the list of “Awesome Band Names” that Phil made up:
8 Limbs Down
The Profiteroles
Mostly Feeble
The To-Do’s
The Big To-Do’s
The Secret of My Intentions
Bacon in the Foreground
Funk Shui
Tender Patch
Morbid Scoundrel
The Scabbage Patch Kids
Oven Mitt
Phil Dunphy Band

Modern Family Flip Cam

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Here is a new sneak behind the scenes:

Chazz Palminteri to Guest Star on Modern Family

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Chazz Palminteri has lined up a role on Modern Family.

The movie actor, who often plays a mobster, will square off against Jay on the golf course in a winter episode that involves Mitchell, Cameron and a major gay understanding.
chazz-palminteri Modern Family

[Source: TV Fanatic]

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