Top Chef Masters and Modern Family

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EW reports that the cast of Modern Family will be Top Chef Masters Season 2 guest stars and judges.

Top-Chef-Masters Modern Family

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Modern Family: Minnie Driver Guest Stars on ‘Moon Landing’

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The Academy Award-nominated English actress, Minnie Driver, drops by to play Valerie, an old friend of Julie Bowen’s character Claire.
When Valerie pays a visit to Claire’s home, she’s not only very different than how Claire remembers her, but her presence also leaves Claire feeling less than wonderful about herself.
Elsewhere, Gloria gets a little legal help from Mitchell, while Jay has to deal with an odd experience that occurs in the locker room one day when he and Cameron meet up to play some racquetball.

Source: Comedy Centric

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‘Modern Family’ Helps 20th Spread Holiday Cheer

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Rather than send out one of those generic company e-cards that have become all too common this year, the fine folks at 20th Century Fox Television decided to help recruit the stars of “MF” to help spread some holiday cheer. And the results are quite hilarious, especially if you’re a TV biz insider.

The video e-card starts out with the “MF” cast members offering up pretty basic holiday wishes. And then, just when you’re about to surf away, up pops Gary Newman and Dana Walden, the chairs of 20th.

Check the e-card here.

Source: The Wrap.

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Chazz Palminteri to Guest Star on Modern Family

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Chazz Palminteri has lined up a role on Modern Family.

The movie actor, who often plays a mobster, will square off against Jay on the golf course in a winter episode that involves Mitchell, Cameron and a major gay understanding.
chazz-palminteri Modern Family

[Source: TV Fanatic]

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