Alec Baldwin Fights for Right to Marry Modern Family Star

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If ya need any more reasons to be convinced that Alec Baldwin is one of the coolest guys out there, here’s another: He not only supports gay marriage, but he’s made a video about it.

In the vid, the 30 Rock stars talks about a certain out gay Modern Family star…

“Lately, I’ve been getting emails, texts and yes, tweets about a video Jesse Tyler Ferguson that’s made the rounds of the internet,” Baldwin says. “On it, Jesse said he and I are getting married in New York next year.”

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Modern Family Giveaway Winner

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If you remember in last week’s episode 4 of Modern Family we saw Dede Pritchett (Shelley Long) offensive toast at the wedding of her ex-husband, Jay, to his young new bride, Gloria. And we want to hear from you what was the worst wedding moment in a wedding that you have been at.
Well, the winner of the giveaway is Jamie, and here is her story:

My worst wedding moment was pretty simple and minor. We had a small wedding and in order to walk down the isle, my dad and I had to walk outside first. We heard the music start and went to enter, but found that the door was locked. The song played a few times before someone realized I didn’t have cold feet, I just couldn’t get in!

Jamie will win her choice from either Married with Children – The Complete First Season or The Office – Season One

An honorable mention goes to our runner-up charlottewinters:

My husband and I went to get our marriage license and be married at City Hall. The clerk took information and typed up the appropriate forms. Then she got to the field that asked for my last name. My soon to be husband announced loudly Charlotte What’s your last name again??? We had been together for 2 years…I wanted to die!

Maybe Modern Family writers will “steal” one of these situations and put them in the show?

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