DVD Giveaway Winners – Modern Family Best Holiday Tradition

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Sorry for the late results, but we now have a winner for the “family’s best holiday tradition.”.
The winner of the giveaway is Cheryl W, who’s family tradition is in the spirit of “Modern Family” – “Find the Pickle” :

One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is “Find the Pickle”. We have a huge tree and before we decorate Granny hides the pickle ornament somewhere within the Christmas tree branches. All the kids (Adult) start in a line and then make a mad dash for the Christmas tree to find the prized pickle ornament. Who ever finds it, win $100! This is the most hilarious thing ever to watch. We are family, so any pushing or prodding is intensified x10. So much fun. Then we re-hide the pickle ornament and let the next group (the grandkids) do a run, and the winner gets $50. By the end the tree is nearly demolished, but salvageable to decorate. So much fun, we will carry it on forever.

Cheryl wins a DVD of her choice from either Married with Children – The Complete First Season or  The Office – Season One

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Eric Stonestreet Tree

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The annual Kansas City Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held on Friday, November 27, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.

Kansas City native Eric Stonestreet, star of ABC’sModern Family, will be on hand for the festivities. The 100-foot-tall Mayor’s Christmas Tree is one of the tallest in the United States, and is the centerpiece for this holiday celebration.

The Mayor’s Christmas Tree Ceremony is located in Crown Center Square.

[source: Kansas City on the cheap ]

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