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Sorry for the late results, but we now have a winner for the “family’s best holiday tradition.”.
The winner of the giveaway is Cheryl W, who’s family tradition is in the spirit of “Modern Family” – “Find the Pickle” :

One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is “Find the Pickle”. We have a huge tree and before we decorate Granny hides the pickle ornament somewhere within the Christmas tree branches. All the kids (Adult) start in a line and then make a mad dash for the Christmas tree to find the prized pickle ornament. Who ever finds it, win $100! This is the most hilarious thing ever to watch. We are family, so any pushing or prodding is intensified x10. So much fun. Then we re-hide the pickle ornament and let the next group (the grandkids) do a run, and the winner gets $50. By the end the tree is nearly demolished, but salvageable to decorate. So much fun, we will carry it on forever.

Cheryl wins a DVD of her choice from either Married with Children – The Complete First Season or  The Office – Season One

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