Julie Bowen’s ‘Modern Family’ mom knows best

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Actors aren’t usually thrilled when unimaginative journalists ask how they’re like their characters. After all, their job is to slip into different personae.

Julie Bowen, however, cheerfully volunteers how much she is like Claire, her character on ABC’s Wednesday comedy “Modern Family.” Like Claire, she is the mother of three; Bowen has twin 1-year-olds and a 3-year-old, all boys. And like Claire, she’s tightly wound and in charge of, well, everything. In honor of Mother’s Day, Zap2it interviewed Bowen and here are some of the highlights:

Q: How are you like Claire?

A: As I am talking to you, I am wildly multitasking: preparing lunch for the 3-year-old to take to school, and I am cleaning the kitchen. I believe if you are sitting still you are doing something wrong. We both feel if we are not driving the train, it will never leave the station. It is an incredible amount of arrogance on my part thinking that no one could operate without me.

Q: What’s the worst meal you ever served?

A: Oh, my God, really? There are so many, many bad meals to choose from. I am a terrible cook. One night my son just wanted processed turkey, sandwich turkey. I can’t get him to eat anything else; give him luncheon meat and he will eat. And if it’s a birthday party, they eat icing all day and then poop that color.

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Modern Family, “Travels with Scout”: dude, you should label those sticks

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TV Geek Army has a review of “Travels with Scout”. Here are the highlights:
While not an absolute off the handle laughfest, this was one of the most balanced, entertaining, and funny episodes of Modern Family to date. Balanced in the sense that every major cast member got to do something interesting or funny. And to top it all off we had the legendary Fred Willard rejoining the action as Phil’s dad.

More thoughts on “Travels with Scout”:

  • “Hey, what’s the big sweater at a concert – is that a gay thing?” – Jay
  • “Our boyfriends totally rock!” – Haley to Mitchell
  • “This is awkward… Oh, awkward for me.” – Cam, on learning that his position as rock band drummer would not be a permanent one
  • “I can’t believe he took my dog.” – Claire
  • “Yes, that’s what the disabled lesbian shaman who blessed Lily’s room said, too.” – Mitchell, upon hearing Cam talk about what a traditional family they are
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    ‘Modern Family’ Star Teases ABC Hit

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    Eric Stonestreet, star of abc’s breakout comedy ‘Modern Family,’ on the popularity of his character Cameron and what to expect in the final episodes of the first season.

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    ‘Modern Family’ ABC Finale Date

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    Modern Family
    Image via Wikipedia

    It has just been announced that “Modern Family” season finale will be on May 19.

    What would we do all summer?

    Source: Zap2It

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    Gail Simmons: Top Chef Masters Meets Modern Family

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    TVGuide.com caught up with tTop Chef Masters’ newest judge, Top Chef‘s Gail Simmons, to find out if she’ll be harsher on the renowned cheftestants and to get the scoop on an upcoming challenge involving the Modern Family cast.

    TVGuide.com: Was a celeb challenge exceptionally fun for you?
    Simmons: The one that stuck out for me for sure was working with the cast and crew of Modern Family. They’re just the most lovable group. We had this extraordinary day with them … But sadly, we shot this in the fall when the show just came out and I hadn’t seen it yet. So when I came home from shooting, I was totally hooked on the show.

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    TWC buttering up Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”)

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    NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 03: Holly Burrell, Actor T...
    Image by Getty Images via Daylife

    Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”) is in final negotiations to star in the Weinstein Co.’s comedy “Butter” opposite Jennifer Garner.

    Burrell will portray the butter-carving champion for the past 15 years who is pressured to step down. His wife, portrayed by Garner, can’t stand the idea of not being in the limelight so she starts training to be the new champion.

    Read the full story on Variety

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    Modern Family Dunphy Pedia: Phil Of All Trades

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    Happy birthday Phil – hope you are enjoying your iPad.

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    Actors who give major zing to minor roles

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    The Detroit News selected six actors who give major zing to minor roles, one of them was Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez :

    ‘Modern Family’

    (9 p.m. Wednesdays, ABC)
    Character: Manny Delgado
    Actor: Rico Rodriguez
    Catch phrase or signature: No catch phrase but his droll delivery is undeniable.
    How he steals the show: Wise beyond his years, Manny quotes William Shakespeare and plans love affairs with older women. At 11, Rodriguez was a relative unknown before this freshman comedy debuted; now he’s one of the most beloved kids on TV.

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    “Modern Family” Preview: “Starry Night” Has Mitchell in a Dress?

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    We know that you can’t wait for a new episode of Modern Family, well you only have to wait till next week. Next week’s episode has Mitchell off bonding with Jay and Manny on a camping trip, while Cameron plans a night out to bond with Gloria. From the looks of things, neither venture goes well.

    Source: After Elton

    Modern Family March 24

    Modern Family March 24 1

    Modern Family March 24 2

    Modern Family March 24 2

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    Ed O’Neill on Being the ‘Modern Family’ Patriarch

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    TV Squad has an interview with Ed O’Neill. Here are some of the highlights:
    ed oneil lmodern family

    Was that what attracted you to the role of Jay, because it was so different from Al Bundy, and so different from the dramatic roles you’ve played?
    Not so much different from Al, because everything is. But I liked the ensemble nature of the show. That attracted me right away. That the show, there’s a lot of go-to people on the show. So it takes a lot of pressure off, you know? And also it becomes, for me, less boring. You know, you see that person all the time. Especially when you’re doing it every week. It just gets old fast. But this show seemed to have more comedic potential because of the three separate but interconnected families.

    So how has Jay kind of changed and shifted since the start?
    Well, they’re making him more of a prick. And the thing I look at…

    Levitan: Why are we inspired to do that? Where is that coming from? I’m not sure…

    (laughing) You know what he’s saying. I think that there’s always a change when the actual actors begin to work with each other on a regular basis and you become friendly… hopefully…you start to like one another. In between takes, you start to share stories and such.

    And then there’s this sort of a melding, which I love that process, because that’s like the honeymoon, really. And then things begin to become a little warmer, a little more comfortable. You can do things with a little look instead of, you know what I mean? It becomes more real. That’s how it changes.

    First of all, how interesting is it that a lot of the cast of ‘Married… With Children’ are all sprinkled through the primetime schedule? Christina (Applegate) had her own show for a couple years, and now Katey (Sagal) is on ‘Sons of Anarchy.
    Yes, yes. I like it because it kind of shows that there was some talent in that cast, you know, and some staying power.

    Alright, just how is it working with Sofia Vergara in most of your scenes?
    I love playing with her. I really love working with her. I think she’s extraordinarily funny. Of course, she’s not hard to look at. I love the idea that the different culture, and it’s hard enough to understand a woman, you know, in a marriage, in the same culture. And you take a Colombian woman, beautiful, young, and so there’s always the surprises for Jay, things he didn’t quite bargain on, I would imagine, when he married her. Obviously, she was beautiful, and that was thrilling. And now that he’s married, there are puzzling aspects.

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