Could You See Sophia Loren on ‘Modern Family’?

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Loren at the 81st Academy Awards in February 2009
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TV Squad asked Sofia Vergara who should play her character’s mom, and she chose legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren.

The 75-year-old Loren does bear some physical resemblance to Vergara, and she does have comic chops (Vergara cites Loren’s work in Marcello Mastroianni films). She also has recent experience playing a mother – her own mother, at that, in an Italian television biopic based her sister’s book, according to the Times of India.

What do you think about this casting?

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Announcing Modern Family Forums

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We are proud to announce that after many requests we opened the “Modern Family” Forums. the “Modern Family” Forums is your place to chat with fellow Modern Family fans, review episodes, and post opinions about the characters — this is the place to grow our Modern Family community.

We hope you will love it and use it to talk to fellow Modern Family fans. We would love to hear additional ideas, and get feedback on the blog and forums.

Have a great Modern Family weekend,

Team Modern Family TV.

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“Modern Family” Preview: “Starry Night” Has Mitchell in a Dress?

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We know that you can’t wait for a new episode of Modern Family, well you only have to wait till next week. Next week’s episode has Mitchell off bonding with Jay and Manny on a camping trip, while Cameron plans a night out to bond with Gloria. From the looks of things, neither venture goes well.

Source: After Elton

Modern Family March 24

Modern Family March 24 1

Modern Family March 24 2

Modern Family March 24 2

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More Modern Family Hawaii Pictures

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The cast are filming the first season’s last episode, which sees the whole clan descend on the Four Seasons Maui Resort.

The plot centres around an intimate birthday vacation in that family patriarch Jay Pritchett, played by Ed O’Neill, plans with his wife, Sofia Vergara’s Gloria.

‘Jay thinks that he and Gloria are going by themselves for this romantic getaway,’ executive producer Steve Levitan told America’s Entertainment Weekly.

‘And she surprises him by inviting the entire family.’

Enjoy the pictures and read the rest of the story on Daily Mail

Modern Family Hawaii
Modern Family Hawaii 2
Modern Family Hawaii 3

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More Modern Family Hawaii Pictures

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Enjoying her tropical surroundings, Sofia Vergara was spotted in Maui, Hawaii yesterday afternoon (March 9) with the rest of the Modern Family crew.

Source: Gossip Center


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‘Modern Family’s’ Eric Stonestreet on Sofia Vergara: ‘That really tested my ability to play a gay man.’

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In the clips below, Zap2it chat with TV’s favorite “Modern Family” couple — Eric Stonestreet (Cam) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell).

“I go on a date with Gloria because I said a faux pas at a dinner party and I felt really bad about it,” Stonestreet explains in the video. “So we go out for dinner, her and I together. That really tested my ability to play a gay man, spending a week with Sofia Vergara. I said if anybody sees any of my straightness … that’s gonna be the week to see it.”

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‘Modern Family’ Outside the Box – Interview

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‘Modern Family’ co-stars Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara stop by Outside the Box to trade parenting styles, secrets to successful shows and why no one sees Sofia as “motherly.”

Source: Sohood

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Busting out

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‘Modern Family’ makes Sofia Vergara famous after 20 years

The NY Post has an interview with Sofia Vergara; Here are some of the highlights:

‘Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara grew up hating her first name.

“The only person I knew who had that name was my great aunt — and she was old,” said Vergara.

“So, for me, my name was like an old lady.”

Now, plenty of young people are named Sofia in her home country, Colombia, and evidently the 37-year-old beauty had something to do with that.

“Yeah, I became very popular,” she said. “I’ve been working for 20 years!” she adds, like that explains everything.

As the devoted mom to precocious Manny (Rico Rodgriguez) and the trophy wife of Jay (Ed O’Neill of “Married with Children“), she makes Gloria sexy, smart, funny and sweet — no easy job in a medium used to turning Spanish-speaking women into one-dimensional Charos.

She is shocked it all worked.

“I didn’t think people were going to like her because she looks like a gold digger,” she said.

“It’s this young woman with an older guy. I thought, ‘They’re going to hate her!’ But then I started understanding more of the character, and I love her.”

But Vergara’s sharp ear failed her spectacularly during a recent appearance on “The View.”

On the show, she was asked about being a young-looking mom. (In real life, she’s the divorced mother of a 17-year-old son, Manolo.)

Vergara joked, “I was 13. I was raped.”

The line sparked criticism, even outrage, online.

“With this accent I’m trying to do jokes on live TV? I mean, of course something’s going to come out wrong,” she said, sighing.

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Sofia Vergara Fans Upset About ‘Modern Family’ Dubbing

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Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)
Image by Capital M via Flickr

Fans of Sofia Vergara, are upset to find out that her voice is dubbed by another woman on Modern Family playing in Columbia.

Now with the raging success of the hit sitcom, Modern Family has been picked up in other countries, including Vergara’s home of Columbia – and fans aren’t pleased to see that Sofia Vergara isn’t the voice over of her own character, Gloria Delgado-Pritchet.

Vergara says:

“It’s about to air in Colombia and they’re having problems because they translate the whole show in Spanish and they have somebody who does my voice… They’re like, ‘We know that’s not you! That doesn’t sound like you.’ They’re complaining.”

Source: Latina Room

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‘Modern Family’ and SAG

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Well, another win for Glee over Modern Family. But we still have a great picture of Sofia Vergara from the red carpet.

Modern Family SAG

Source: Celebrity Gossip

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