Luke Dunphy’s Birthday Party on ABC’s Modern Family!

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ABC is arranging a virtual birthday party for Luke on Facebook:

Wednesday November 25th Luke is getting the ULTIMATE birthday party on ABC and you’re invited! Phil’s calling it Lukeapalooza!. He wants you to know that it’s going to be “off the chain” with a rock climbing wall, zipline, a Sno Cone machine, some seriously dangerous animals, a new belt, Claire’s arts and crafts table, a crossbow…I’m missing something. OH! Cam.

Cam has known that he wanted to be a clown ever since he found out that clowns were just people with makeup. Much to Mitch’s disdain, Cam is a classically trained “Auguste” clown which are known to be the most comical of the 4 types of clowns. Meet Fizbo the Clown in the sneak peek below…

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