Luke Dunphy’s Birthday Party on ABC’s Modern Family!

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ABC is arranging a virtual birthday party for Luke on Facebook:

Wednesday November 25th Luke is getting the ULTIMATE birthday party on ABC and you’re invited! Phil’s calling it Lukeapalooza!. He wants you to know that it’s going to be “off the chain” with a rock climbing wall, zipline, a Sno Cone machine, some seriously dangerous animals, a new belt, Claire’s arts and crafts table, a crossbow…I’m missing something. OH! Cam.

Cam has known that he wanted to be a clown ever since he found out that clowns were just people with makeup. Much to Mitch’s disdain, Cam is a classically trained “Auguste” clown which are known to be the most comical of the 4 types of clowns. Meet Fizbo the Clown in the sneak peek below…

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Eric Stonestreet Reveals Cameron’s Backstory on “Modern Family”

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Televisionary Blog has an interview with Eric Stonestreet , where they talk more about Cam’s past.
Here are some interesting parts from the interview:
“It’s revealed [in the episode we're shooting] this week that Cameron has a clowning background and is a classically-trained auguste clown named Fizbo,” Stonestreet told me. “The episode is entitled ‘Fizbo’ and that’s where it comes full circle for me.”
“Mitchell, of course, is just not into it,” Stonestreet said of Cameron’s clown past. “When I ask Phil if there’s going to be a clown [at Luke’s birthday party], I just can’t for the life of me understand who would throw a party and not have a clown and Mitchell is just like, ‘Cam, let it go. Let it go.’”

Televisionary: Can you tease us then about what else is coming up on Modern Family for Cameron?

Stonestreet: You will also find out that I have a sports background, which is where again they are borrowing from our lives because I played football and was a track and field athlete. But I also liked being a clown on the weekend and doing kids’ parties. It’s just an interesting dynamic and one that they loved and thought was perfect for Cameron. So you definitely find out I have a sports background, I have a clowning background. You start to find out what my occupation may have been before Lily came long. It’s a visual occupation, something that takes a keen eye and an understanding of situations and moments that I really feel is the cornerstone of Cameron’s character.

I say to people that Cameron is a celebrator of life and a celebrator of the moment. He doesn’t let a moment pass. Where we want to just skate through life, my idea of Cameron is someone who celebrates every moment and is very excited and excitable about every moment.
Cameron Modern Family

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