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Multi-tasker Lady Gaga wants a guest spot on TV’s half-hour comedy ‘Modern Family,’ which stars Sofia Vergara. Gaga is reportedly a huge fan of the series, but actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who stars on the hit show, said that he fears it would be nearly impossible to incorporate a superstar of Gaga’s magnitude into the script in seamless fashion.

On his April 6 appearance on ‘Live With Regis and Kelly,’ Ferguson revealed that Gaga “reached out and she wanted to do something with the show but [adds], how do you incorporate Lady Gaga into ‘Modern Family?’”

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Sofia Vergara: Style Icon Super Bowl Partier

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Partaking in the many parties preceding today’s big game, Sofia Vergara was front and center at the Style Icon pre-Super Bowl XLV party at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Dallas,Texas on Saturday night (February 5).

Sofia Vergara

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‘Modern Family’ stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet will co-host the WGA Awards’ West Coast ceremony

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he Writers Guild of America, West has just announced that Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family will co-host the WGA Awards’ West Coast ceremony. (The awards are being held simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York on Saturday, Feb. 5.)

Ferguson: “I am honored to co-host the WGA Awards with Eric. I love Eric so much and any opportunity I have to be around him in the public eye or in private I will jump at. I love that he can’t exist without me. I feel like we are an actual couple sometimes. He doesn’t know it yet but I am having a custom three-legged tux made for us later today. Anyway, I look forward to a great evening. With Eric.”

Read the full story on EW

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks ‘Modern Family’ Gay Kiss, Doing Shakespeare with Pacino

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays uptight lawyer Mitchell Pritchett — one half of the show’s gay couple, which has Facebook clamoring for a big kiss — on the ABC hit, is back in New York City to appear on the airy stage of ‘Shakespeare in the Park.’ He is featured in both summer productions — ‘The Winter’s Tale,’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice‘ with the one and only Al Pacino.

PopEater has an interview with Jesse and here are the highlights:

Are you going to offer Pacino a few acting pointers?
Yeah, Al really needed a good long summer with me to learn how to act. This is my third ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ and the first time I was offered it. That’s never happened before; I’ve always had to jump through hoops and audition for these roles, and this was the first summer that they trusted me enough to do it. I guess I’ve paid my dues.

I still don’t get how people memorize Shakespeare.

I’m always so intimidated by it, thinking I’m never going to learn this, and for some reason I end up learning it quicker because it’s like poetry. Once you understand what you’re saying, it’s very easy to memorize. It’s getting over that hurdle. I bought the ‘No Fear Shakespeare’ version of ‘Merchant of Venice.’ Basically, on one side of the page it has Shakespeare’s dialogue, and on the other is plain English. I was ashamed to have it until I saw Al Pacino carrying around the same book on the very first day of rehearsals. I was very comforted.

What do you think of theLet Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family‘ Facebook campaign?
I’m all for progressive movement within the show. I appreciate the passion that some of the fans have. The fact that there is even a campaign on Facebook just shows how many people really love the show and the characters and want to see them happy. I think the writers are proceeding in a very wise way. There’s a great PDA episode they’re writing about Mitchell’s issues with public displays of affection. Viewers shouldn’t be expecting a big, ‘Gone with the Wind’ romantic kiss. It’s very beautiful and poignant. The writers are so good, they’re really taking that criticism and they’re going to run with it and try and create a talking point with it.

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Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara: “happy and in love”

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Sofía, the 37-year-old mother of a teenager, is head-over-heels for handsome one-time film producer Nick Loeb, 34, whom she met at a Golden Globe party in LA in January. “They are so happy and in love,” the friend says of the actress and her new businessman beau. The couple looked cozy while dining with his family and friends in New York on May 19.

sofia modern family

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‘Modern Family’ Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson Covers Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro”

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell on ABC’s Modern Family, hit up New York venue Joe’s Pub last week to perform at music countdown show Our Hit Parade. Jesse also belted out a highly camp version of Lady Gaga’s latest single, “Alejandro.”


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The Smurfs Begins Production in New York With Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family”)

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Papa Smurf.
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Principal photography began Friday, March 26, in New York on Columbia Pictures’/Sony Pictures Animation’s hybrid live-action and animated family comedy, The Smurfs, it was announced today by Bob Osher, president of Sony Pictures Digital Productions, Hannah Minghella, president of Sony Pictures Animation and Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures.

Audiences everywhere are in for a Smurfy good time as the Smurfs make their first 3D trip to the big screen. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours – in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down. The film is set for release August 3, 2011.

Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara, and Hank Azaria star on camera opposite an all-star voice cast. Anton Yelchin will play Clumsy Smurf; comedy legend Jonathan Winters, who voiced roles in the “Smurfs” television series, will voice Papa Smurf; Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Katy Perry will play Smurfette; Alan Cumming will play Gutsy Smurf; “SNL’s” Fred Armisen will voice Brainy Smurf; and George Lopez will play Grouchy Smurf.

Vergara, from “Modern Family”, plays Odile, Harris’s boss, a cosmetics executive.

Read the full story on Seat 42f

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Sofia Vergara Joins Smurfs

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Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara has been cast in the upcoming animated/live-action The Smurfs. She will play Odile, a “powerful executive at a high-end French cosmetics company” married to Neil Patrick Harris’ character. The film, which also stars Jayma Mays (Glee) and Hank Azaria, will begin filming in New York next week. With each awesome actor that gets added to this cast, our frustration that this movie is about blue cartoon Smurfs mounts.

Read more: Industry Roundup: Sofia Vergara Joins Smurfs, Fox Signs Foxx Pilot — Vulture

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Golden Globes – It’s Glee Vs. Modern Family

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Historically, the Globes love picking the new kid on the block—America Ferrera, Jon Hamm, Mad Men—but this year that decision will be harder than usual since both new kids are in the same category. Glee and Modern Family have been the two most-revered new series of the fall and both scored nominations for Best Comedy Series. Which will wind up winning?

Source: The New York Observer (which sadly supports Glee)

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Actor Ty Burrell: From Grants Pass to ABC’s hit comedy ‘Modern Family’

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Ty Burrell
For a young man who grows up in Ashland, getting the acting bug must be as easy as falling off a log. Right? After all, the Southern Oregon town is home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, known for its world-class productions and top-flight casts.

But for Ty Burrell, the Oregon native who co-stars on the ABC comedy, “Modern Family,” the whole acting thing took a while.

“What do they say about not taking advantage of things in your hometown?” Burrell says, calling from Los Angeles. “You know, if you’re in Paris, you never go see the Eiffel Tower? I didn’t go to see a play at the festival until I was in my early 20s.”

But fans of “Modern Family” — the show averages 10.6 million viewers weekly — know Burrell has become a gifted actor, moving easily between drama and comedy. Burrell, 42, has performed onstage in New York and London; in movies (“The Incredible Hulk,” “Black Hawk Down”); and on TV (“Back to You”).

Oregon Live spoke with Burrell about his own family, acting and his Oregon roots. Here are some of the Q&As:

Q: How much of the character of Phil is based on you or your family?

I mainly just drew on myself — sadly (laughs). Phil’s inability to see how he’s goofing and messing things up comes directly from my own delusional, oblivious existence. It’s magnified with people that I’ve met over the years, people who I’ve really liked because I think that type of person is just so full of life.

Q: What were your younger days in Oregon like?

I was born in Grants Pass and grew up in Ashland. We also spent about eight years in Applegate, where my family owned a little country store. That was an amazing time, lots of lazy summer days, floating down the Applegate River on inner tubes. In many ways, it was absurd because we had no business being out in the country because we were extremely soft! I graduated from Hidden Valley High School.

Q: When did you get interested in acting? Was that something others in your family had done?

Nobody in my family, at any level, had ever had any connection to performing or show business. I will say, though, that there’s a long history of raconteurs in my family. My grandfather was a great storyteller, and my dad and his brother would get going and were very funny together. My younger brother, Duncan, and I really watched that a lot and admired it. The official term would be we got into comedy when we were young. But we really just got into goofing off when we were kids.

Read the rest of the story Oregon Live

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