‘Modern Family’ Julie Bowen: ‘Family is more important than career’

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English: Julie Bowen at the eTalk Festival Par...

English: Julie Bowen at the eTalk Festival Party, during the Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bowen explained to Boston Common that she sought out television roles in recent years in order to spend more time at home with her three young sons.

“The boys are finally at an age where I find them to be so luscious and fantastic that I don’t want to be away if I don’t have to be. We all love each other,” she explained.

“The reality is, Claire is a mom who has older kids… I might grow into a Claire, but I’m definitely not dealing with the issues of sex and boys at school,” she quipped.

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Jay Gets Gloria New Shoes!

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Bonus from this week’s Modern Family episode – an Modern Family Extended Scene

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“Modern Family” Star Julie Bowen Celebrates “Me Time” with Moms on ParentsConnect.com

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On television, Julie is known as Claire Dunphy – a mom of three very different kids on “Modern Family.” In real life, Julie also plays the important role of mom to three children of her own!

Kids are great but moms deserve a break once in a while and on Wednesday, October 13th, Julie will be hosting an “It’s All About Me” party on Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect.com. From 10 am – 11:59 pm EST parents can join Julie throughout the day for some “me time” and take part in kick-your-feet-up fun, games and the chance to win a ton of prizes!

For more details, you can check out this link: Parents Connect

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Julie Bowen, Modern Family – The 10 Funniest Women in Primetime

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Julie Bowen, from Modern Family, was selected #9 in Movie Line’s “The 10 Funniest Women in Primetime”:

9. Julie Bowen, Modern Family
While Sofia Vergara plays the more traditionally kooky Gloria, Bowen scintillates as Claire Dunphy, the un-whimsical wife and mother in Modern Family’s nuclear unit. While her husband Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) wins more laughs, Claire’s self-doubt ends up producing the series’ most unexpected laugh-out-loud moments. Quoth Mrs. Dunphy: “You know how growing up we all had that voice inside our head that tells us we’re not good enough? Well, mine was outside my head driving me to school.”

julie bowen

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