Why Modern Family Is So Great?

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Some of the actors of Modern Family tried to answer this question on Fresno Bee:
Sarah Hyland, suggests that the show has attracted such a large following because viewers see similarities between characters on the show with their own relatives. “There’s either that flamboyant uncle or that weird dad or the hot family member who everyone wants to be with but no one can. It’s just a somewhat exaggerated version of everyone’s lives,” Hyland says.
Bowen says it’s less complicated. “We are not curing cancer here,” she says. “We’re just talking about ordinary things in a funny way.”
A lot of the ordinary things in the scripts come directly from the cast. That happened when Bowen talked about how her husband once wired their entire house for cameras and ended up leaving holes in the walls. She got to watch her TV husband make the same mess.
Vergara offers the her explanation for why “Modern Family” has succeeded where so many other new comedies have failed.
“It’s a perfect storm. It’s a combination of things like the writers, the actors and the characters,” she says. “And, we are having so much fun on the set that I think you can see that.”

Why do you think Modern Family is so great?

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