‘Modern Family’ recap: The time traveler’s wife (and kids)

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When last we saw the Dunphy-Pritchett clan, Claire was driving her family to the brink of civil war over a family portrait. Claire’s need for control is often at odds with her mile-wide sentimental streak. This time around, Claire’s contradictory emotions are provoked by the ancient, wood-paneled station wagon that’s been sitting in the garage for decades. At first, she wants it out of the house, pronto, but once they begin excavating it from its resting place, the emotions come rushing back. It’s irrational, but she’s attached to the old beater–if she can keep it around a bit longer, then maybe her kids won’t grow up.

Another thing that’s always funny, if a tad dangerous? Clumsy people wielding power tools. This week, Mitchell and Cameron set out to make a princess castle for Lily. Mitchell’s excited to relive his glory days as a set-maker for his college theater troupe. Cameron, on the other hand, is petrified. And with good reason: With power tools in hand, Mitchell’s like a bearded, friendlier version of Jason Voorhees, decapitating rose bushes like so many camp counselors. Cameron enlists Jay to help construct the castle, hoping the two of them can keep Mitchell busy with other projects, like organizing bolts. (“But there are only six of them,” Mitchell complains). Mitchell sniffs out the conspiracy pretty quickly, and, in an act of protest, finishes the project himself. Too bad he also locks himself into the castle. “There’s a little bit of me in that princess castle,” Mitchell explains at the beginning of the episode.

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