A Message From Our Sponsor – Wet Hot American Movie Nights With AnyClip.Com

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As much as you love TV, we are sure that you love movies too, and what a great deal from our sponsor at anyclip.com:
Organize a movie night with your friends on July 1st, and they’ll provide the popcorn! Go to http://www.meetup.com/Movie-Night/, set up an event, let them know and some delicious popcorn will find its way to your house in time for the screening. Take some photos and send them to hello@anyclip.com and they’ll feature your movie night on the site the following Monday.

Read more at: Spliced – The AnyClip Blog

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The Top Five Hits of the Fall TV Season

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Newsweek calls “Modern Family” : “the funniest new comedy of the season”. Newsweek ranked the top 5 hits of the TV season and here they are:
No. 5: FlashForward (ABC)
No. 4: Modern Family (ABC)
No. 2 (Tie): Cougar Town (ABC) and NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
No. 1: The Cleveland Show

Here is their take on “Modern Family”:

Another winner from ABC built on an effective campaign, but this was a much easier sell than FlashForward, simply because it’s the funniest new comedy of the season. The early buzz and reviews for this family mockumentary were almost unanimously enthusiastic. All that was required was to get to viewers to wonder if the show could possibly be as funny as those persnickety critics were saying it was. Fortunately, it is just that funny. And given that the second episode packs more laughs than the pilot (a rarity), Modern Family has room to grow.

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