Top TV Characters in 2009

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Pioneer Local listed their top TV characters for 2009 and guess who made the list:

6. Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) — “Modern Family” ABC

There’s no shortage of funny characters on “Modern Family,” but Mitchell just makes everything better the way he channels his family’s insanity as the “sane” one in the group. He’s what Michael Bluth was to “Arrested Development” but like Jason Bateman’s character, Mitchell might be normal, but he’s not without his quirks. One of the funniest episodes of “Modern Family” was Mitchell trying to recapture his glory figure skating days as one half of “Fire and Nice,” and secretly trying to see if he could pick up his sister. His sarcasm, self-doubt and cynicism is a nice dollop of reality on what otherwise would be too much crazy on one show.
mithchell-modern family

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