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Some news about upcoming Modern Family episodes come to us from IGN:

Stonestreet noted that they were actually shooting the season finale already, out of order from the rest of the season, while among the episodes already shot, “There’s a story where I join Dylan’s rock band, because their drummer goes missing. I play the drums, so I sit in for a night.”

Sofia Vergara (“Gloria Delgado-Pritchett”) mentioned one storyline in which, “[Cameron] takes me out to dinner to make up for something that he says.” Stonestreet elaborated, “I try to make up to her something kind of offensive that I accidentally said in front of her, so I take her out for an evening on the town, which goes horribly, horribly wrong.”

Ferguson also revealed some more specifics on upcoming episodes. “I get stuck in the apartment with a stray pigeon that I’m terrified of,” said the actor, adding, “There’s that! Hilarity ensues with a broom. My dad teaches me karate and accidentally knocks me out. That’s pretty funny. The writers are amazing. I couldn’t even begin to name all the hilarious moments that you have yet to see.”

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