Pondering an Emmy youth movement

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The Primetime Emmys have no shortage of awards categories, yet young performers might not be getting the recognition they deserve — or that the Emmys themselves could benefit from.

There’s nothing preventing young talent from receiving supporting or even lead noms for primetime dramas and comedies, but no existing category specifically guarantees such kudos. That may not have mattered so much in the past, but with young viewership a priority for nets and cablers, some would argue it’s time to consider modifying Emmy rules to acknowledge this increasingly powerful demographic.

Thesps once referred to as juveniles and ingenues are acknowledged by the Daytime Emmys, which hands out statuettes for best younger actor and actress. On primetime, actors seemingly worthy of such recognition include Mark Indelicato (Justin, the flamboyant nephew on ABC’s “Ugly Betty”), Rico Rodriguez (Manny, Ed O’Neill’s deadpan stepson on ABC’s “Modern Family”) and Keir Gilchrist (Toni Collette’s gay son on Showtime’s “United States of Tara”). Even quite a few cast members of “Glee” would qualify if the Daytime Emmys’ cutoff age of 25 were applied.

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