‘Modern Family’ – Cameron (Eric Stonestreet)

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One of the best surprises of “Modern Family” is Eric Stonestreet (see IMDb profile), who plays Cameron. The guy is so funny…

Eric just did an interview for Variety in which he said about himself: “I always say I’m the straight version of Cameron,” Stonestreet says. “I’m a little bit flamboyant myself and have a flair for the dramatic. Who says those are bad things? I think they have their place. Cameron doesn’t let moments pass. He is a celebrator of life and people.”

KansasCity ran an article about Eric, who is from Kansas. In the interview Eric said about the audition: “It was the audition every actor wanted, and I know they saw a tremendous number of people,”  – we are so glad he got the part.

Here is a clip for you:

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