Modern Family Board Game Giveaway

September 21, 2011 by
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What’s the best way to celebrate the new season of  Modern Family? A giveaway of the new Modern Family Game.

Let us know which character in Modern Family is your favorite and why by commenting in this post, and we will select one random comment to win this great Modern Family Game.

You have to comment by Tuesday 9.27 at 9PM EST and have a mailing address in the U.S. to be elegible to win.

Enjoy the new season!

Modern Family Game

For 2-6 players; Ages Teen-Adult; 

Players join in the fun of Modern Family’s three related families as they test their trivia knowledge of this hit TV show. There are five types of special spaces you can land on. Each type of special space has a corresponding deck of cards including: Parenting, Family, Modern, Interview and Event cards. By selecting the cards, players may be asked to answer trivia questions, play out a charade and discuss interview topics and family events. By completing the action on the cards, players receive tokens.

Once your team has collected all 30 tokens, you must get your mover home. The player to visit each household and get back to their TV viewing couch first wins!

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