Julie Bowen’s ‘Modern Family’ mom knows best

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Actors aren’t usually thrilled when unimaginative journalists ask how they’re like their characters. After all, their job is to slip into different personae.

Julie Bowen, however, cheerfully volunteers how much she is like Claire, her character on ABC’s Wednesday comedy “Modern Family.” Like Claire, she is the mother of three; Bowen has twin 1-year-olds and a 3-year-old, all boys. And like Claire, she’s tightly wound and in charge of, well, everything. In honor of Mother’s Day, Zap2it interviewed Bowen and here are some of the highlights:

Q: How are you like Claire?

A: As I am talking to you, I am wildly multitasking: preparing lunch for the 3-year-old to take to school, and I am cleaning the kitchen. I believe if you are sitting still you are doing something wrong. We both feel if we are not driving the train, it will never leave the station. It is an incredible amount of arrogance on my part thinking that no one could operate without me.

Q: What’s the worst meal you ever served?

A: Oh, my God, really? There are so many, many bad meals to choose from. I am a terrible cook. One night my son just wanted processed turkey, sandwich turkey. I can’t get him to eat anything else; give him luncheon meat and he will eat. And if it’s a birthday party, they eat icing all day and then poop that color.

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