The Dylan’s Song – Modern Family episode 4

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For all of you who loved the song here are the lyrics:

“In the moonlight” (Do me)

The stars are falling from the sky

And you’re the reason why

The moon is shining on your face

And I finally think it found its place


Cuz maybe baby

I just wanna do you, do you

Do you wanna do me, do me?

Underneath the moonlight, moonlight


And now we’re hiding in my car

I let you see my scars

Escape the dark for just one night

Your heart makes me explode with light

– Chorus –

Baby maybe

Maybe I will steal you, steal you

Just so I can feel you, feel you

Maybe that will heal you, heal you

On the inside

Underneath the willow tree

wearing nothing else but me…
Dylan Modern Family

Get the MP3 from ABC’s site

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