Top TV Loving Couples On Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s day!

Rob Salem has ranked the TV top 25 loving couples, and the number one couple is Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family (although some of you complained to our Twitter @modernfamilytv – they haven’t kissed on screen yet… ABC – we are waiting):

Of the three married couples depicted in the family-friendly domestic comedy, the Mutt-and-Jeff gay mates are the most popular with kids.

“I think it’s a Bert and Ernie thing,” suggests Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays the somewhat straitlaced lawyer, Mitch.

“I just like that they’re being handled as a regular couple. It’s not that they’re gay, that’s farther down on the list … but, you know, they’re new parents, they’re partners …

“I’ve been on a show where they, like, had to refer to me as the `gay’ character five times, just to remind people. And I’m like, `They get it, they get it.’ But with this, I think it’s just Cameron and Mitchell, and that’s what I really love about it. I think that itself unfortunately is unique …”

“It’s slowly getting less unique,” offers Eric Stonestreet, a.k.a. the “drama queen” Cam. “Just a couple of guys who live together who adopted a baby … it’s an opportunity to sort of, not educate, you know, but just open peoples’ minds to the idea that families come in all different shapes and sizes.”

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