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Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett On Modern Family, has an interview in Crave Online.

Here are some interesting Q&As:

Crave Online: Does Modern Family match your sense of humor?
Sofia Vergara: Yeah. I’ve done a lot of comedy but it’s pretty much in the same kind of stuff. The character is great because it’s very easy for me because she’s a Latin woman from Colombia. She has kind of like my personality so it’s fun.
Crave Online: It’s great that your character is Colombian like you. Have you been asked to play other types of Latinas that felt distant to you?
Sofia Vergara: No, not really distant because Latin people, we’re all kind of the same but we have specific differences like foods or music. But I think our personalities are all in general the same. We all have the same values with family. We all have the same morals so it’s like all the same.

Crave Online: Is your character a trophy bride or is there more to their relationship?
Sofia Vergara: I think in a way it’s a trophy wife to Ed which I think is perfectly good. I think it’s very normal and it doesn’t have to be taken as something bad I think because it’s a reality of course. Any man that age that has opportunity to marry a woman like her would do it, you know. If she’s a good woman, somebody that is going to do good things for his life. Obviously, this is a couple that they share other things in common and other things not in common. But I think she doesn’t care about that because he’s very good to her and she is good to him.

Read the full interview in Crave Online.

Sofia Vergara

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