Sarah Hyland: The Worst Commercial Ever

December 7, 2009 by
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Girl2Watch, the site that connects Actresses and Entertainment in Social Media has chosen Sarah Hyland as this week’s Girl2Watch!
Here is what Sarah thinks is her worst commercial Ever:

I did this PSA where I was a soccer player, and my friend makes the winning goal and then she’s blown up by a land mine. It never made television because they ran it on the internet first to see what people thought, and it was way too disturbing to put on television. In the audition there wasn’t many lines, but they started having me do different types of screams. So you would literally have to stand there and have to pretend to watch something and go,“Woo yeah, she just made a goal” and you would be jumping up and down and screaming. And then they’re like, “We say ‘Boom!’and then you start screaming and start crying and stuff like that.” And this is like a commercial audition. Usually for commercials you’re like, “5 dollar foot long” and stuff like that. I thought it was just going to be like some regular audition, and I go and end up having to start screaming and acting like someone was just blow up in front of me, and it was my best friend.

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