More reviews of “Modern Family” – “Undeck the Halls”

December 10, 2009 by
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Alan Sepinwall from The Star-Ledger did not really like it:

Not much to say about a pretty lackluster “Modern Family” last night. At this point, it’s pretty clear that the show is at its weakest when the three family units are off in their own separate orbits

And from the LA Times:

As much as I wanted to pretend otherwise, I was severely disappointed in Fred Willard’s guest spot. I was excited when I heard that Willard would be the Dunphy patriarch; it was perfect casting. Phil fans certainly would want to see who created the lovable klutz, and Willard was more than perfect. But was Willard even on screen for more than five minutes? Through a computer worst of all! So much for the physical comedy that was sure to happen between the two. Major disappointment. Here’s hoping the short spot leaves room for more visits from Willard. If not, that would be a wasted guest spot in an overflowing list of guests that is becoming mildly overrated.

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