Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Doesn’t Think He’s a DILF

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Vanity Fair has an interview with Ty Burrell from Modern Family, here are the hightlights:

Eric Spitznagel: I never got an advance screener of theModern Family Hawaii shows, so if it’s O.K. with you, I’m just gonna assume it follows the same basic plotline of The Brady Bunch Hawaii episode.

Ty Burrell: (Laughs.) Please do. And you’d be entirely correct. It’s a word-for-word reenactment. We’re dressed in full Brady Bunch costumes, and it’s basically a frame-by-frame remake.

So who finds the Tiki idol that causes a curse? Is that your character?

No, no, it’s Jay (played by Ed O’Neill). I don’t think Phil is smart or cunning enough to find any idols.

Are we finally gonna find out what’s up with the smoke monster?

No. (Long pause.) Was that from the Brady Bunch?

Wait, I’m sorry, I’m thinking of Lost.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I don’t know anything about what’s happening on Lost. I’m really late to the game.

Mike Brady was the ultimate TV dad. How does Phil Dunphy hold up to his legacy?

Ummm. Gosh, I don’t know if I remember Mike Brady well enough to compare the two.

Come on, it’s gotta be somewhere in your muscle memory. How are Phil and Mike Brady similar, and how are they different?

Well… (long pause.) I think Mike Brady probably had more of his wits about him.

He was definitely the most smugly superior of TV patriarchs.

It seemed like Mike Brady was a really in-control, sensible guy. Phil envisions himself as a hipper version of Mike Brady, but he’s probably not even close. He isn’t that sage voice of wisdom that Mike Brady represented to his family. (Long pause.) Am I remembering Mike Brady accurately?

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