Modern Family’s Nolan Gould Interview

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Nolan Gould, the kid actor from Modern Family, was interveiwed for Portrait Magazine; here are some of the highlights:

What’s your character Luke like?
He gets no respect from the writers! They’re always thinking of new things for him to do and most people would think the things he does are stupid, but Luke thinks its genius! He’s an average kid, but he’s sweet inside!
Sounds like a fun character!
Oh yeah! He’s fun to play!

Which has been your favourite episode so far and why?
My favourite episode was Fisbo because I got to ride on a zip line, go on a rock-wall…I’m afraid of heights but I love rock-walls! After shooting the episode, I said we should have an after party there, and everyone loved the idea!

That’s a lot of stunts!!
Yeah, but I’ve taken a stunt class before, so I was prepared. I also do rappelling for fun, so I could do the rock wall.

Nolan Gould Modern Family

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