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For the month of March, Hulu is teaming up with fans and TV critic Ken Tucker (Entertainment Weekly) to see which of this season’s shows come out on top. This week Modern Family is facing SNL, so make sure to visit and vote for Modern Family!

Here is what EW say about Modern Family:

Modern Family may have the faux-documentary framework of The Office; it may have faces familiar from other comedies, but Modern Family is unique in the way it juggles so many players so deftly and makes every member of the cast a vivid, complex character. Oh, and it’s really funny, too.

And about SNL:

Now in its 35th season, Saturday Night Live is a pop cultural machine that’s likely to continue until producer Lorne Michaels decides to end it. It’s also found a core cast that frequently rescues almost any episode from being a mirthless washout – unless the obstacles include bad material and a dud host, that is.

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