Modern Family Review: “My Funky Valentine” (1.15)

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We hope you enjoyed the Romantic Valentine episode of Modern Family On ABC last night. Here are some of the reactions on the web to the episode:
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From Paste magazine:

For a show with lesser joke-writing skills, “My Funky Valentine” would have been dead in the water with these clichés. Characters end up exactly where they started at the end of the episode and there’s not much here that we haven’t seen in other shows, let alone previous episodes of Modern Family. Still, I ended up charmed by the episode despite my reservations with both the largely unliked plot-structure and the way the show repeated itself yet again. As with most recent episodes, though, it’s hard not to wonder how long the show can keep showing us what we’ve seen before without getting old.

Stray Observations:
“I was giving her a bath last night and I saw a little bit of Martin Luther King behind her ear.”

“Could you be more dramatic?” If you’re asking Cam, then the answer is always yes.

-Phil’s unwillingness to drop his persona during the escalator debacle is a subtle yet great joke, maybe my favorite in the episode.

From Time:

Meanwhile, it was nice work to give Manny and Mitchell share a subplot in which they were able to help each other deal with a disappointment. We’ve seen Manny-as-spurned-lover before, but it remains funny; and I’ve been wishing that Modern Family would show us a little more of its characters’ work lives—those of them who do work—so Mitchell’s cathartic attempt to put a lawyering on Manny’s rival was especially welcome. (Also loved Cameron’s eager impersonation of the Great Shakes executive calling with a survey: “There should be a menu there to your right. To your right!“)

No great shakes, as it were, but a solid episode.

From TV Fanatic:


We apologize. We know Modern Family is a kid-friendly sitcom that caters equally to both genders, but the fact that Claire (the positively gorgeous Julie Bowen) spent significant time on “My Funky Valentine” without any non-trench coat clothes on stands out the most from what was probably the least funny episode of the season.

Perhaps we should clarify: the least laugh-out-loud funny episode of the season.

At this point, we love simply spending time with the Dunphys and the Pritchetts, so much so that any half hour with them is enjoyable, even if there are fewer memorable one-liners than usual.

And from EW:

The highlight of Phil (Clive Bixby) and Claire’s (Juliana) “romantic” role-playing for me was this interchange:

“I’m in town for a trade show I design high-end electro-acoustic transducers” –Phil as Clive (and yes, transducers are a real thing)
“Wow, that is very specific.” –an unimpressed Claire as Juliana

“It’s a fancy way of saying, ‘I get things to make noise.’” – Phil

Though Phil loses his steam when he describes his wife as, “Always so tired and she’s always making lists of things for me to do.”

“Maybe if you did them she wouldn’t be so tired,” Claire shot back

“Oh no, she could make lists for days.” –Phil, successfully killing the mood completely. And scene!

Modern Family Claire

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