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WHERE’S your cupcake? Nolan Gould, the trouble-making boy on Modern Family, asked Ariel Winter, who plays his sister Alex, backstage at the Emmy Awards on Sunday night.

After only one season, Modern Family had just come of age, capturing the Emmy for Best Comedy Series and unseating 30 Rock, the winner for the past three years.

Behind the scenes, E! channel was handing out cupcakes, which Winter skipped, smartly, as Gould was soon whining: “Chocolate’s dripping everywhere!” He was doing what many 11-year-old boys do best – shouting.

Meanwhile, Rico Rodriguez, 12, who plays the old soul Manny (son of Vergara’s character; stepson of O’Neill’s), was on the phone with his father, who was wishing him a good night. He had school on Monday morning.

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