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CNN has an article about gay characters on prime time TV, and of course they talked to our favorite gay couple from Modern Family. Here are some of the things Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet had to say:
“The opportunity to play not only a well developed gay character, but a dad, a son and brother was really appealing to me. … I chose to play him very close to myself and I think that truthfulness was appealing to the creators,” Ferguson told CNN.
“As a gay man and as someone who is an advocate for equality, truthfulness and fairness, I want to see more gay roles go to gay actors,” Ferguson said in an e-mail. “But then on the flip side, as an actor, I want to still be given the opportunity to play roles that are straight.”

“Jesse and I … get so many compliments from gay couples and lesbian couples that want to introduce us to their kids and thank us for representing them on TV for the first time,” Stonestreet told Behar, from CNN.

But still, “Modern Family” isn’t hitting viewers over the head with Cameron and Mitchell’s physical intimacy.
“We’re the perfect show to just build it in naturally, not draw a bunch of attention to it,” Stonestreet said.
For Ferguson, it’s a non-issue.
“I want the viewers to know Mitchell and Cameron’s sex and love life is just fine,” Ferguson wrote. “They also have regular bowel movements, but that is something you don’t see either.”

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