Modern Family Is Even Funnier Than 30 Rock – E! says

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E! finally admits what we already know – “Modern Family” is the best show on today.

Here are some things they found about Modern Family:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, who play Lily’s proud gay papas Mitchell and Cameron, tell us why you won’t be seeing much of their darling adopted baby in upcoming episodes:

Jesse: We have been writing around Lily a little bit because she is a child that cries a lot. We have to remind the writers that we do have a baby. And we have to remember that.
Eric: Yeah, we’ve each gotten emails from people, viewers watching, going—
Jesse: “Where was Lily when you jumped in the pool?”
Eric: “Where was Lily when you went to Costco?”
Jesse: The answer is always, “She’s always napping. She’s very, very sleepy.”
Eric: Yeah. Our baby is the most rested child on TV. Like, our kid is going to really take her young toddler years by storm.
Jesse: I think in seven years when we have the toddler of Lily, she’s just going to be the character who’s just like–[fake falls asleep, snores]. What? She’s narcoleptic.
Eric: She likes to sleep a lot.

The transcription of this interaction might not really do it justice, but suffice to say this cast is just as funny in real life as they are on the series.

Take, for example, Julie Bowen (Claire) talking about the hotness of her “mother” Sofia Vergara(Gloria):  “She’s a modern marvel of architecture.”

And what about Julie’s hubby, Phil? He certainly has a wandering eye. Will he cheat? “You get married,” Julie says. “You don’t die. You can still see other people. Anybody that sees Sofia and doesn’t acknowledge she’s attractive is just lying. It’s just a line between whether or not you’re going to do anything about it. I think Phil (Ty Burrell) establishes himself as a very loyal, good guy. I think Phil would never cheat. He wears his schoolboy impulses right on his sleeve. You see it all.”

As for the money question that anyone who’s even just seen a poster for the show asks: Why in the world is Sofia Vergara with Ed O’Neill (Jay)? Sophia tells us: “Gloria’s attraction to Ed is that she’s in this time of her life that this is perfectly what she needs. You know, a stable guy, that he’s responsible, he’s there for her and the kid, he’s already stable. He has wisdom and she’s an immigrant in this country and her husband before was this crazy playboy…Javier. It’s perfect for her to be with Ed.”

When asked what Gloria sees in Jay, Ed puts it a little more succinctly: “Money.”

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