Modern Family: Fear

March 4, 2010 by
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Modern Family delivered another laugh filled episode with “Fear.”

For me the favorite part was with the Dunphy family. Phil and Luke went on a “treasure hunting” expedition under the house not knowing what they would get themselves into. In awesome Phil fashion he tries to play off being afraid of the dark and what might be under the house with jokes.

Luke: When you stuck your head in, you screamed a little.
Phil: I told you. That was the house settling.

Phil: We’re like Ponce de Leon and his son… little Ponce.

Luke: His name is Ponce? He’d get made fun of at my school. They’d probably call him “Pants.”

Also in the Dunphy family was Claire taking her daughter Haley to get her driving license after two previous tries. Some good laughs occurred when she was hoping that the teacher wouldn’t recognize her but he did and referred to her as “two strikes.” Then there was Alex who was afraid to go to the school dance because she thought that no one would ask her to dance.

With Cameron and Mitchell their fear ends up being that their daughter Lily said “mommy” as her first word. They invited their pediatrician over for brunch because they wanted to make sure she liked Lily. But Cameron was trying too hard and giving many compliments.

Mitchell to Cameron: “Take it down a notch, we’re trying to make a friend, not initiate a three-way.”

They thought maybe it was because she grew up with females and when she was being held by an Asian doctor it just came out but it was later discovered that Lily had been hearing a doll that was given to them by friends the said “mommy.”

Cameron: “We can’t ignore the giant panda in the room. ” after Lily calls her Asian pediatrician Mommy

Mitchell: “Her first word was every gay father’s worst nightmare.”

For the Delgado and Pritchett family (Jay, Gloria and Manny) it was all about the apparent fear of Manny and roller coasters. He didn’t want to go to party where there would be rides but his mother ended up tricking him into going fishing at a pier where there was also a coaster. She ended up saying you have to face your fears and go for it. Manny ended up the trick was on him but decided to ride anyway.

Manny: “Wake up old man, she’s trying to get me on the roller coaster. ” – to Jay, about Gloria’s plot to get him on the roller coaster.

Gloria: Manny, you were afraid to light the barbecue, but now your eyebrows have grown back and your salmon is legendary!

Jay: I could have guessed he’d have trouble with roller coasters. That kid gets woozy at barbershops when they spin his chair towards the mirror.