Mega Buzz: Scoop on “Modern Family” ABC

January 27, 2010 by
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Here is a scoop about ABC’s Modern Family from TV Guide:

What crazy things will Phil do next on Modern Family? — Amy
MICKEY: Last week Julie Bowen teased some sexytime between Claire and Phil, but she tells us there might be one obstacle: Facebook. “My husband has ex-girlfriends who get in touch with him and I have ex-boyfriends that get in touch with me, and we laugh about it. This being Modern Family though, it’s going to take a twist for the worse,” she says. That twist is the always enjoyable Judy Greer, who pops in to play Phil’s unstable ex. This reminds me of that time that I reconnected with that girl from the gym who taught me how to stretch. Oh wait, that wasn’t Facebook. Never mind!

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