Ed O’Neill is married with a child in ‘Modern Family’

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Freelance writer Lewis Beale caught up with the 63-year-old star during a break in series production, you can read the full interview at Newsday, but here are the highlights:

“Modern Family” was a hit from the day it debuted. What was it you liked about the project?

I liked the fact there were no jokes, that it was story-driven. I liked the interconnectedness, yet the separateness of the three families, and I thought there was a lot of room for comedic situations. I liked that it was so ensemble. That’s my theater background.

Your character is an older, successful guy married to Gloria, a Colombian hottie (Sofia Vergara) with a precocious, 10-year-old son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez). One of the things that makes Jay endearing is he’s really trying to be a father to Manny.

The fact he wasn’t the greatest dad the first time around, I think a regret is there. Now that he’s got another chance, even though I think Manny was not part of the bargain originally, now that he’s got him, he’s enjoying it. He’s basically a good guy, anyway.

Given that it’s football season, and the Steelers are defending Super Bowl champs, are you still a Steelers fan?

Of course. I’m born and raised in that area. When I was trying to make that team, what I recall the most was the graciousness of the Rooney family; they treated the players great. I was a rookie [during coach] Chuck Noll’s first year – we beat Detroit in the opener and lost every other game. This should give you a clue. If I couldn’t make that team. . . .

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