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Alloy has an inteview with Ariel, Alex from Modern Family. Here are the highlights:

How are you like and unlike your character, Alex?
Coincidentally, Alex and I are both loyal and smart (not really tooting my own horn), cynical and funny and I have to admit, I’m a bit of a smart alec myself, if you ask my parents. We both really value education. The biggest difference is how we dress. Alex is more Urban Outfitters tomboy and I’m more of an edgy rock and roll younger version of Taylor Swift. Also, I don’t wear glasses or play cello.

What’s been your favorite scene to film?
Probably when Alex goes to the school dance and a boy actually wants to dance with her. Talk about awkward.

Have you had that experience?
I actually haven’t been to a school dance yet but I’m really excited. I have all these dresses in my closet that I’ve worn to premieres that I don’t really get to wear anywhere else so I’m really excited that if I go to one of these school dances, I could go to my closet and be like, “Which dress do I want to wear?!”

Who do you think is the funniest cast member on the show?
You can’t decide that. Everyone is hilarious. We’re SNL but for ABC.

ARIEL WINTER - Modern Family

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